181023 - Tips Tuesday


I could tell you that external rotation of your shoulders in a snatch is pivotal to your success in the lift and safety of your shoulders, but this videos lays it out pretty darn well with lots of scientific proof and anatomical explanations….so I’ll let him do the talking!

Get ready to snatch today folks!

WARM UP - Tabata Cardio (:20 on/:10 off) x 4
Tabata Push Up (:20 on/:10 off) x 4
Tabata Squat (:20 on/:10 off) x 4

MOBILIZE - 4 Way Bands

Behind the head Ball Toss
PVC Burgerner
-Dip Drive
-Dip Drive High Pull
-Dip Drive High Pull Punch [Muscle Snatch]
-Dip Drive High Pull Drop/Punch [Hang Power Snatch]
- (From shins) Drive High Pull Drop/Punch [Power Snatch]
Again but with empty bar!

3 Power Snatches
(Increase weight throughout…only if it feels good and looks good)

WOD - 2 Rounds For Time
20 Hang Power Snatches 75/55 (Rx+ 95/65)
10 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar

COOL DOWN - Foam Roll Shoulders