181019 - CROSSFIT TOTAL!!!


If you haven’t read yesterday’s post…go back and do that first…I’ll wait!
All done? Good! So keep all of that in mind first!
Second of all, GET PUMPED! We are so excited for this! Come in ready to have some fun and lift heavy!

WOD - CROSSFIT TOTAL (Doing all three power lifts in one class)

Back Squat (You will have a 20 min. window)
8 Calories
8 Lunges
8 Goblet Squats
8 EB Back Squats
(Follow the sheet for sets)

Strict Press (You will have a 15 min. window)
8 PVC Pass Thrus
8 PVC Around the Worlds
8 Strict DB Press
8 EB Strict Press
(Follow the sheet for sets)

Deadlift (You will have a 20 min. window)
8 Leg Swings
8 PVC Good Mornings
8 Sprinters Lunges
8 EB Deadlifts
(Follow the sheet for sets)