181022 - Motivation Monday - Handstand Work


From the moment you wake up, it’s important to start making decisions that will help you have a successful day! If the first decision you make is to “Hit the Snooze Button” then the very first thing you did is PROCRASTINATE! That’s not setting yourself up for success! Below are 5 people who have created morning routines that have changed their lives for the better. Watch the video for the longer explanation but the short version is:
1) Stick with a routine
2) Get rid of your phone
3) Get more sleep
4) Schedule everything
5) Win the morning, so you can win the day

WARM UP - 200m run
Big arm circles
Cat and Cow
DB Around your head
DB Strict Press
Banded Pull Aparts

MOBILIZE - Banded Pull Apart Foam Roll
Lat Roll

SKILL WORK - Handstand Progressions
Beginner : Kicking Up and Holding (Headstands if not comfortable)
Intermediate : Marching on the wall and Free Standing
Advance : Walking and Handstand Push Ups

COACH PREP - Review Movements

5 Handstand Push Ups
10 EB Bent Over Row
10 EB Floor Press
25 Ab Mat Sit Ups
200m Run

(Scaling Option for Handstand Push Ups is EB Strict Overhead Press)