181015 - Motivation Monday - Prep for Friday


On Friday, we are wrapping up our 6 week Strength Program with the CROSSFIT TOTAL!

What is the CrossFit Total you might ask! Good question!
In our 60 minute class time, you will get 20 minutes per lift to warm up for AND complete a 1 Rep Max in the order of back squat, press, and then deadlift. The goal is to see improvement in each lift from the weights we set 6 weeks ago!

Okay, so how do I prepare for this? You’re full of great questions today!
We have programmed workouts that are low key and gives you time to deload a bit but we are still doing deadlift today, Back Squat on Tuesday, and Press on Wednesday but no repeat lift! Make sure you are eating plenty of protein this week (that palm worth in each meal) and drinking plenty of water! Get tons of sleep, that’s the best way to recover! Finally, GET PUMPED! You can’t walk into this week willy nilly! Be aggressive and confident so by Friday, you can march into the gym ready to crush some Personal Records!

TIPS FOR THE CROSSFIT TOTAL - from The CrossFit Journal

WARM UP - 2 Rounds
1 minute Row/Bike/Ski (Try to use a different device on the 2nd round)
10 Plank Hip Extensions - Each Side
10 Single Leg PVC Back Deadlifts - Each Side
(See video below)

MOBILITY - Seated Pigeon Stretch

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 60#
3 @ 50% + 60#
2 @ 65% + 60#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 60#

Go over each move, hold for :10 to practice and decide on scaling

WOD - EMOM 12:
Minute 1 - Plank (Scale Up on Rings)
Minute 2 - WallSit (Scale Up with DB)
Minute 3 - Dead Hang (Scale up Monkey Swing)
Minute 4 - Glute Bridge (Scale Up with DB)

COOL DOWN - Single Leg Hamstring Stretch