171218 - Motivation Monday - Investment


1. An investment in a lifetime of fitness WILL fight off decrepitude and other negative side effects of aging. 

2. Unlike investing money, fitness will pay dividends now AND into your older years. That's instant gratification folks! 

People who get diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or develop heart problems in their later years will most likely end up regretting not doing more about it sooner. The best time to start working on your health was years ago and the next best time is right now! Billions of dollars every year are spent on health care! We have the option to invest in our bodies now to prevent the potential future debt that is bad health. I'm preaching to the choir here for the most part, but don't forget that what you are doing today is making the "YOU" in 20 years...30 years...40 years...happy, healthy, and proud!

WOD - "Jackie" (See Aug. 29th 2017 or in Zen Planner Workout library under Jackie) 
1000m Row
50 EB Thrusters
30 Pull-Ups