171220 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


This is the perfect quote to bring up this week!!! PIE BREAKFAST is coming up on Friday and some would question WHY is the WORLD would a CrossFit gym, focused on health and wellness, make a "Pie Breakfast" event???? Great question! Because it's all about balance people! We work really frigin hard all week and HOPEFULLY you are eating "cleanish" most of the time, so why not enjoy a super fun long workout then celebrate with pie! Those are the fun moments in life that can't ruin a mostly awesome diet or workout regime! If you are truly worried, then maybe we need to look at your overall view of what health means to you. For ME, it means sustainable long term life enjoyment caused by 80/20 clean eating and training to meet my goals. Enjoy a Christmas cookie, savor a couple of latkes, and don't panic that it's going to destroy everyting. Just enjoy and get right back on the good health horse! 

balance quote2.jpg

WOD - AMRAP 10: 
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 135/95
10 Push Press