171212 - Tips Tuesday - Scaling


Rx is a great goal, but it's not always the end all, be all.  You might be able to Rx a workout but the doesn't necessarily mean you should. Scaling the workout can encourage you to go faster and increase intensity through longer workouts. It can help you focus more on form rather than getting through it all ugly!

Along the same lines, choosing the same scaling option every single time is probably stunting your growth! If you typically use two blue bands for a whole workout, consider using one until you can't do pull-ups anymore, then add the next one. This will be difficult but will build strength much faster! If you always scale to the same weight to get enough reps, maybe ask a coach if you can scale the reps to help increase the weight you can use. The scaling options are endless and each of them has there place in your journey to get better! 

"Helen" (inclement weather version)
3 rounds
400m run/row/ski
21 KB swings
12 pull-ups