171130 - Throwback Thursday and Guest Days!

You love CrossFit and we know your friends, neighbors, family, teachers, and co-workers will too! 
Invite them to our "Bring a Motivated Friend Days" this week! TODAY is our first one! 3 days of fun workouts and open doors for people wanting to give us a try! Who are you bringing today?


There are tons of "fitness" places, programs and gimmicks out there. And to a certain extent, if you're deconditioned, then that's better than nothing. But once you get going, you need some direction. 

Ask yourself. Is what I'm doing getting me better at everything? Is the DVD I'm following truly getting me adapted to whatever should come my way? Is the gym or trainer that I'm going to really interested in me getting fitter or just keeping me in their paying ranks? Is my coach or trainer or guru just a charismatic person that gets me excited about whatever it is they're doing, no matter how stupid I feel or look? Check the self-assessment. Are you really better at things outside the gym? Or are you just getting better at the same old things you do over and over? Just because you like something doesn't mean it's getting you to your goal. 

If you are unsure, test yourself. Go outside. Do something you haven't done in a while. See if you're any better. If you're a cyclist, run, jump and squat. If you're a runner, sprint all out, squat, lift things and put them down. If you're a calisthenics or pull-up bar person, pick up ever increasing amounts of weights and squat. If you can't do any of those basic things, then maybe you should reassess your fitness regime. With CrossFit, you're magically better in unrelated things. Things you don't practice here. It's kind of like you're actually getting fit. 

It's kind of amazing.

Skill - Rope Climbs or Headstands

WOD - Partner Workout
One works while one holds then switch
10 Push-Ups (HOLDS top of push-up) 
10 Box Jumps or Step Ups (HOLDS bottom of squat) 
10 DB Press (HOLDS DB in front rack) 
10 Air Squats (HOLDS bottom of squat) 
Rest 1:


Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach