171127 - Motivation Monday


Find your progress. Sometimes when things get hard, you need to seek out your accomplishments to maintain your positive mindset and keep your direction moving forward.

I found a notebook the other day that had my original 1RM from when I first started CrossFit. This was important because I've been doing an Olympic LIfting strength program, which was kicking my booty and making me feel weak. So when I found this little journal, I flipped right to clean and jerks. where I found that the max I could C&J 80#....which is now 165#. I've doubled that weight! Boom, already feeling better! Next I looked for snatches and found that I could lift 65#! That has become 125#! Again, I've double it! Although they don't always feel good and there's ALWAYS something to work on, it feels better to look back and find my progress, because even through all of the struggles, I've never stopped getting better! 

Today, take a brief moment to remind yourself of where you started. Could you do double unders? How much could you lift and did it look really ugly back then? How bad were wallballs compared to now? How much rest breaks did you take during WODs? How far have you come? 

3 position snatch 1-1-1

Partner WOD
100 Calorie row
100 Toes to bars
break up as needed, only one partner works at a time!


Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach