160613 - CrossFit | The 3 Ps: Perspective, Perseverence and Proof

So, those aren't really a thing, I made those up. But here's the deal. When you're doing CrossFit (or any fitness program really), it's easy to get lost in the metrics and the tremendous advances people on your left and right might have. You look over and see Cory smashing weights, you don't see her family history of smashing weights from a young age.

Perspective: how much faster, more coordinated, leaner, etc are you from when you started? How much stronger are you? I bet you're tons stronger (literally) Don't believe me? Add up your increases across the board. If you haven't been here long enough to see that for yourself, ask Lauren how much her strength has improved. 

Perseverance: how long have you been doing this? CrossFit isn't a short-term weight-loss program, even though for some folks that's what happens. It's the long game. How fit do you want to be for how long? If you've just started, the short-term benefits will make way for long term ones, like muscle-ups when you're 75. We try to keep people on progressions rather than throw them to the wolves. Want a muscle-up? Get your pull-ups then use our progression. Want pull-ups, use our progression. 

Proof: You can weigh yourself, see how your clothes are fitting, test it with 1RMs, kill Fran, drop 20 minutes off your Murph time, win a marathon (Katie!), smoke a 14er (or two).

Don't get lost in measuring yourself up against unrealistic goals and other people. You and I know where you came from and only time will tell where you're going.

Keep your perspective, eersevere and the proof will present itself in the most likely and unlikely of ways!

3 rounds
400m run
21 thrusters 75/55

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach