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What to do When Your Fitness Routine Gets Derailed

I was struggling to think of what to write about this week. Then it hit me- I should write about what is happening in my own life, fitness wise. If I am going through it, surely someone else is/was/will be too.

You know when you get sick, or something else unexpected pulls you away from your normal routine? That's me right now. When you have a routine going, it may not be too difficult to keep going with your healthy choices- exercise, food choices, sleep, water, etc. However, when life happens (and it will for most of us at some point), and we hit a low in our normally healthy routine, it can be hard to get back up and at it.

How to get back to your normal routine? First, don’t beat yourself up. Life happens. We can’t all follow the exact same exercise routine and healthy eating plan every single day of our lives. It’s great to make a plan to follow, and stick to it closely, but know that sometimes things happen out of our control, and that is ok!

Second, take steps to get back to your routine. For some people, they may be able to take off a day where they just do not feel good or their body needs extra rest, and then get right back to where they were the next day. Maybe they can even squeeze in that extra work out later in the week. That’s great!

For others, you might need to take smaller steps to get back, especially if your time off from your healthy routine took longer than expected. That’s ok, too! You might start by adding in one healthy meal to your day, substituting water for a sugary beverage, or adding one workout in during the week. Know yourself, and don’t let yourself make excuses, but if you really do need extra time off, listen to your body. When you are ready, gradually work back to where you were.

It’s good to challenge yourself. It’s good to not make excuses. It is also good to listen to your body, and give it rest and recovery time if you need it, like when recovering from an illness or injury.


Bench press 10, 5, 5, 3, 3, 1

3 rounds
50 double unders
21 KB swings 55/35
12 toes to bar

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach