150701 - CrossFit Hero WOD, CrossFit Total | BMI and 1200 Calories for Weight Loss.

According to just about every BMI calculator out there, I'm overweight. Not only am I overweight, I'm 0.2 off being obese. 

Now, those of you who know me, know I am not of the rippling ab crew. I'm more the stocky type, but I'm certainly not clinically obese. I haven't been below 200lbs in a few years. I fill out my pants. I like to say I'm dense, but then again, that could apply upstairs and downstairs. 

I'm mentioning this because I often hear from my athletes about what health metric they've looked up for themselves online. 

"My BMI says I'm overweight" says the healthy, strong woman that can do kipping pull-ups at an age double quite a few at the gym.

"I want to lose 10lbs so I started eating 1200 calories a day" says the woman that for the last 3 months of eating sub-1200 calories a day hasn't budged in her overall weight. 

I've gotten both ladies on a much higher caloric intake and they already repost feeling tons better and clothes fitting better. Those are important metrics, not a BMI chart or a scale. 

Here's the deal folks. The internet is evil. Don't go there. It'll tell you how fat, lazy, unpopular, poor and gluttonous you are.

Now that I've said that (and I'm clear on the irony of writing this on the internet,) there are lots of credible sources out there that genuinely have your best interests in mind. I am happy to recommend those that I've found useful. I am also more than happy to poo-poo the ridiculous ones and give you reasoned answers as to why they're not ideal.  

Which would you rather; answers that make you feel bad about yourself and then do not go about a way of making you better, or, answers that may go against the grain of popular opinion and get you towards your goals in a smart, reasoned, supportive and constructive manner? 

I bet it's the latter. So don't let the internet be your life and fitness coach. Let someone who genuinely cares about you do it. That's Bri, Kelsey, and me at CFNFC!

15 deadlifts M:250 F:185
25 box jumps M:30' F:24"
50 pull-ups (if you are doing Murph on Friday, consider gloves, tape or sub ring rows)
100 wall-balls M:20 F:14
200 double unders
400m run with plate M:45 F:25


CrossFit Total
1RM Back Squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach