150630 - CrossFit | Rememberance

Today we're doing a "Hero WOD" that I created for my friend Tommy. The history of Hero WODs is that CrossFit acknowledges the sacrifices made by MIL/LE/FIRE/SAD/SOG personnel who have had a connection to CrossFit or have been CrossFit athletes. Tommy's connection is just though me and CrossFit became part of my life after he was gone. However through a confluence of events, I am here. 
Tommy had a few nicknames, Vito, Superman, Tommy V. and more that I probably shouldn't write in a public forum.
He also has a list of accomplishments that would impress even the most decorated of military: Graduate of Hargrave Military Academy, attended North Georgia College (Now UNG), Eniisted in the Marine Corps and was in Desert Storm, went to become a Recon Marine with 2nd Recon Battalion, earning his wings of gold and dive bubble. He then left the Corps and went into the Army and was assigned to the 2/75 Rangers and deployed to Afghanistan. When I met him, he was one of my squad leaders in 1/503 in Korea. Right before we deployed to Iraq from Korea, I had already moved onto another platoon assignment, but Tommy remained a hard-charging, hard-PTing, hard-partying squad leader. 
He was killed in action January 17th, 2005, over 10 years ago, pushing soldiers out of the way of a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, saving one and earning a posthumous Silver Star. The memory of his high physical standards, dedication to his soldiers and and training them hard and treating them harshly but fairly will always resonate with me. I am proud to have been able to call him a friend.

This WOD is for you Tommy, I'm sure you're smiling as we all suffer in your name. 

3 rounds
200m run
Down and back twisting medball lunges
Down and back bear crawl
Down and back carioca 2x (for both sides)
Down and back butt kickers

Turkish get-up. Start with KB/DB move on to barbell.

33 each of the following:
Ring rows (most difficult standard)
Hand-release push-ups
Jumping lunges
Toes to bar
Barbell sumo deadlift high pulls M:75 F:55
Wall balls M:20 F:14
Lateral burpees
Abmat sit-ups
Plyo push-ups M:45 F:25
Box jumps M;24 F:20

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach