150617 - Why Get a Coach? | CrossFit

In the era of the internet and YouTube, you can pull up instructional videos of just about anything. The problem with this fact is not lack of information, but tons of conflicting information (Google paleo), partial information and a universal platform for anyone with a camera and computer to express opinion. 

Teaching yourself from the internet will only get you so far. At some point (which is right now if this applies to you) you will need to seek a coach. 

Here are 9 reasons why you should have a coach, specifically a coach from CFNFC:

  1. Another set of trained eyes makes all the difference. 
    1. You cannot execute a complex movement correctly and watch yourself at the same time IE the snatch. You can videotape yourself and look at it, but oftentimes I see something(s) that the athlete does not.
    2. Even though you see yourself doing things correctly, a trained eye can point out nuanced errors and make corrections that turn into PRs
  2. You will be held accountable to an outside source. For those of you that can lose motivation without a goal, this is invaluable.
  3. You will be told to eat, sleep and drink (water) more. Which is exactly what you need to be told. 
    1. Similarly, if you exercise too much, you will be told to lay off. If you don't exercise enough you will be coaxed back to it. 
  4. Your coach can explain complex movement in an easily understood way tailored to your learning style and ability level.
  5. You will be held to a standard difficult to maintain while flying solo or working out with buddies
    1. A clean in my book is not the same as a clean in your Uncle Rob who played a year of college ball in division 3's book. It's not the same as the vast majority of CrossFit coaches. I guarantee it (even if he played D1 or they are CF-L2)
    2. My job is to teach, train and expect a textbook movement. Whether you choose to practice enough to execute it is another thing
  6. You will have an actual person looking out for your best interests. Especially here where the business of coaching is my life. If I mess you up, then I lose business and lose my livelihood.  
  7. Each coach at CFNFC is experienced. They run through an intensive internship process and watch and interact with hours of athlete classes before being put on their own. They're not bros from Broheim that have bro'd since bro school that get to coach because they have a L1 and are my bros. 
  8. An experienced coach (as can be found at CFNFC) will aggregate techniques and points of view from multiple sources without putting any one of them on too high of a pedestal. I hold Kelly Starrett (MobilityWOD) high in my list of people to listen to, but there are a number of things I disagree with based on my experience. 
  9. That experience level runs through a number of disciplines. Not only CrossFit, but nutrition, barbell (powerlifting and Olympic), endurance (running, cycling and swimming), strength and conditioning for power sports(football, soccer, rugby, field hockey, lacrosse) and mobility (range of motion, flexibility, biomechanics)

So if you're still googling how to get a good workout in, or looking in the mirror to check out your deadlift, give us a holler. We'll sort you out!

400m run
D&B carioca, high knees, carioca, lunges, broad jumps, leaps. 
PVC pass-throughs

Twight sit-ups

"Mind Eraser Plus"
7 power cleans M:95 F:65
7 burpees
200m run
after every 3 rounds, 50 double-unders


Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach