150507 - Is Genetics Fate?

"I can't put on weight to save my life. I eat a ton and still lose weight!"

"I don't want to get bulky."

"I'm big and I will always be big, there's nothing I can do about it."

Ectomorph- the hard gainer aka stringbean. These folks are usually tall, skinny with small joints and a metabolism that will run though an entire pizza in one sitting and be hungry an hour later. Gaining and maintaining weight is practically a full-time job.

Mesomorph- the naturally muscular aka genetic freaks. These folks have broad shoulders and tapered midsections. Muscle mass is easy to come by, athletic prowess is evident. Eat clean? Yeah, if you count washing your hands before you eat a dozen Krispy Kremes. Folks can override this genetic programming and get chubby, but underneath is an animal waiting to be released. 

Endomorph- the big-boned, the folks that look at food and gain weight. These folks struggle with body composition and have a hard time gaining muscle and an easy time gaining adipose tissue. Self-confidence and negative self-image runs rampant through these folks and can exacerbate the issue.   

While its easy to fatalistically claim that there's no way to overcome genetics, we have quite a bit of control over overall health and physical appearance. Controlling insulin and reducing systemic inflammation through optimizing nutrition gives us the ability to express a more ideal phenotype (look better naked) while addressing long-term health concerns. Cardiovascular disease (CVD), reduced pancreatic function (pre-diabetic conditions), and diabetes don't look in the mirror to see if they'll kill you. Skinny jeans are not an indicator of health.  

You may be pre-destined to have the underpinnings of one of these body types, but as an adult you are every bit in charge of what you do with them. Resignation to your fate will get you exactly what you wish for.

Don't wish. Work. 

General warm-up
400m run or row
20 hand release push-ups
20 Abmat sit-ups
200m run or row
15 hollow rocks
100m run or row
10 shin to bars

75 power snatches M:75 F:55

5/3/1 Week 5 Bench press (5lbs are automatically added to previous weights)
Specific warm up
5x 40%
5x 50%
3x 60% 
Work sets
5x 65%
5x 75%
5+ 85%
75 power snatches M:75 F:55

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach