150519 - Why We're Not Doing Murph for Memorial Day this Year.

This is a tough post to write, because the last thing I want to do is to seem like I'm disrespecting a person that sacrificed himself for the lives of his brother SEALs. This is more about the crass commercialization of this day and this workout. We are doing the workout Murph on the 3rd of July in honor of Independence Day and in honor of LT Michael P. Murphy's sacrifice.  

Memorial Day Murph has been a tradition at CFNFC for all of the 6 years (almost 7) that we've been an affiliate. Each year we completed this hard CrossFit workout to respectfully observe the ultimate sacrifice made on June 28th 2005 by not only Michael Murphy but Danny Dietz and Matt Axelson from his team, and the the Quick Reaction Force that was shot down enroute to assist: SEALs Fontan, Healy, Kristensen, Lucas, McGreevy (from whom we get the Hero WOD "Michael"), Suh, Taylor (from whom we get the hero WOD "JT"), Patton and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) soldiers Goare, Goodnature, Jacoby, Muralles, Ponder, Reich, Russell, Scherkenbach.  

When I taught Army ROTC at CSU, I'd read Murph's MOH citation to the cadets before the workout and get a little choked up despite never knowing the man, but knowing his and his brothers' sacrifice mirrored so many including 15 in my own battalion during our deployment to Iraq in the War on Terror. 

Now, each year, my inbox is inundated with offers, events and unfortunately money-making* schemes commemorating "Memorial Day Murph" and all sorts of t-shirts with rifles, flags, shields and events with pool parties(!), open bars and more. Go ahead, google "memorial day murph" I'll wait. 

I guess my tipping point occurred when my Facebook feed showed a Murph shirt that was the biohazard symbol (WTF) overlaid with an American flag and Murph hastily thrown on it. It served more as an advertisement for the company rather than a respectful honoring of LT Murphy. 

This year, I will quietly mourn my lost comrades (15 soldiers in my battalion in 2004-2005, 10 more in 2006-2007) and seek solace in the hum drum of a 10k run. I'll remember the people who aren't Medal of Honor recipients. The folks who aren't Special Operations' SEALs, Rangers, Delta, MARSOC, AFSOC etc. Just the people that gave their lives for the guys to their left and right and the good old USA.

I invite you this Memorial Day, to learn about those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and we'll see you on Independence Day Murph. 

*of course the negative opinion is directed at people pocketing the money rather than giving it to an appropriate charity.

General warm-up
3 rounds
Shuttle to agility ladder
20 lateral hops
15 jump lunges
10 EB good mornings

Deadlift 5, 5, 3, 3, 3
"Last Ascent"
Back squat M:225 F:135
Box Jumps

5/3/1 Week 7 Deadlift - Final Week!
Specific warm up
5x 40%
5x 50%
3x 60% 
Work sets
5x 75%
3x 85%
1+ 95%

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach