150514 - The CrossFit Charter as Explained by a Dumb Grunt Part 1: Mechanics

Mechanics first, then
Consistency, then and only then

me·chan·ics məˈkaniks/noun

  1. the branch of applied mathematics dealing with motion and forces producing motion

  2. the machinery or working parts of something.

I often make corrections to people's movement in class. If you observe how I do it, you would see that I demonstrate the correct form while I explain and ask that they repeat it. Once I've corrected someone 3 times, I STFU, mainly because I don't want to be a nag and if you haven't corrected it yet, there may be something that's preventing you from doing so, like lack of mobility, or lack of giving a shit. 

Here's why those are terrible reasons.

If you lack the mobility to get into the correct position, then you are categorically unable to do the movement properly and unable to increase intensity to get a positive response. Fix your mobility to fix your mechanics. I'm a 42 year old man with many many years in the military carrying heavy loads over long-ass distances and with a ballistically blown out calf and numerous nerve and balance issues. If I can squat correctly, you can too. Fix it. 

If you don't give a shit, that's tough, because you're paying me to give a shit and I'm going to correct you. End of. 

Everyone wants to be the baddest on the board, but if you move like a decrepit rhinoceros, then maybe you should pay a little less attention to your max lifts and getting muscle-ups and fix the issues underlying your inability to do something as simple as a mechanically correct squat. Kelly Starrett has an excellent website that we use and enthusiastically endorse and you can YouTube just about any mobility issue you have. Additionally, personal training is available and I will show you a number of ways to fix your junk. 

Coaches have a unique perspective of you doing what you do. We see you from angles that you can't. Trust that we're in the business of making you better and try not to argue. 

Next time: The CrossFit Charter as Explained by a Dumb Grunt Part 2: Consistency

General warm-up
2 rounds
200m row or run
10 hand release push-ups (on plates)
10 back lever shoulder openers
10 high knees

7 rounds
2x50m all out sprint
7 burpees
7 ring rows
Rest 2:

5/3/1 Week 6 Bench Press
Specific warm up
5x 40%
5x 50%
3x 60% 
Work sets
3x 70%
3x 80%
3+ 90%

7 rounds
2x50m all out sprint
7 burpees
7 ring rows
Rest 2:

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach