150416 - Failure ISN'T an Option!

Yesterday during "Filthy Fifty" I failed. I failed to finish under the time cap. Worse yet, I had to scale the knees to elbows, push-presses and wall balls. It's a big strike to the ego. At one time, I could finish the whole workout in under 20 minutes. This time, the 30: clock ran out towards the end of my wall balls.  

Here's the thing though. It isn't a failure. 

It is a metric to be used to compare relative fitness. And relative to two years ago, I am less fit. Two years ago I wasn't recovering from shoulder surgery. Two years ago I wasn't two years older. Fitness is on a continuum. If folks have to take a break, it's expected their fitness will drop a bit. Add in life stressors, busy schedule, poor diet, and family obligations, then it will drop more. The important part is getting right back at it and not letting temporary failures dissuade you from even continuing to try.

So get right back up and knock out those toes to bar and endeavor to do more, faster next time!

General Warm-Up
3 rounds
200m row or run
10 hand release push-ups
10 handstands (against the wall or freestanding with a spotter or freestanding)
10 ring push-ups (toes on box)

Handstand push-ups
5 over the box jumps
10 lateral box jumps (land on top of the box)
15 burpees
Rest 2:
5 box dips
10 step-ups M:75 F:55
15 jump lunges

Week 2 Bench Press

Specific warm up
5x 40%
5x 50%
3x 60% 
Work sets
3x 70%
3x 80%
3+ 90%
Accessory work
5 over the box jumps
10 lateral box jumps (land on top of the box)
15 jump lunges

5, 5, 5 Man-makers M:35s F:20-25s
(squat, thrust, push-up, row, row, hop to squat, clean, thruster, lunge, lunge)

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach