150409 - Comfortable yet?

Our message is simple: get comfortable with uncomfortable. CrossFit is all about pushing the boundaries of physical ability. I always tell folks during workouts and our Ramp Up if getting into a squat position is comfortable or easy, you're likely not doing it right. We spend a lot of time every day trying to avoid tension, and rightfully so. In our WODs and during our strength sessions, we're looking to increase tension to support the external load properly, with correct alignment and muscular activation. 
Every day is an opportunity to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. The people closest to that edge are the ones who get the most benefit from our programming. The folks who seek discomfort within the safe, controlled setting of our box, will find comfort in the world outside. 

General warm-up 3x
200m run or row
10 dynamic sprinter's lunges
10 hand release push-ups
10 lunging pass-thrus

Strength: Bench press 1RM
Skill: 50 DUs
10 OHS M:75 F:5
15 SDHP (barbell)

5/3/1 Week 1 Bench Press
Specific warm up
5x 40%
5x 50%
3x 60% 
Work sets
5x 65%
5x 75%
5+ 85%
Accessory work
Ring dips 10, 10 , 10
Strict HSPU 10, 10, 10
100 double unders

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach