Introducing COMP

C.O.M.P- Competitors Optimized Metrics Program
Here are the deets: 
[ ] Open to all. Period. Non-exclusive. No Cool Kids vs. Lame Kids division is acceptable in the gym. I cannot emphasize this enough.
[ ] If you commit to the program, you commit to the program. Please do not deviate. If you deviate, it will not work. The program is specifically designed to maximize your results in the areas we train in each phase. Trust the program. Extra work will not benefit you, it'll just make you less able to maximize the benefits of the work. If you want extra, there will be opportunities! 
[ ] We start officially on Monday. However Thursday and Friday are preludes to the programming. It is crucial that you get your Total and bench press 1RMs done no later than Saturday to start. 
[ ] You must have some type of log to keep track of your numbers. This can be as complex as a Sport Journal WODBook (which if there is enough desire I can order a bunch) or as simple as a Composition Notebook. I will upload a suggested template for your workouts. 

  • Phase 1 get strong April and May
  • Phase 2 get olympic lifty aka explosive strength June and July
  • Phase 3 optimize skills, drills and metcons August and September
  • Phase 4 get stronger and put on mass October and November
  • Phase 5 get olympic lifty/ metcons December and January
  • Phase 6 optimize skills drill and metcons February and March
  • Phase 7 crush the CrossFit Open 2016!

[ ] Workouts in Phase 1 are programmed M, T, Th, F. Wed and Sat are make-ups of programming <or> WOD days. Again, more is not better.

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach