Hold up. Wait a minute. You're looking good. No really. You're looking really good, what are you doing with yourself lately? You look great! Oh, you're doing CrossFit? I hear that's bad for you and it's full of screaming, jacked and tan exercise-aholics.

No? Huh, when I watch it on TV it seems intimidating. It's not like that? You do it right alongside new moms, people in their 50s and uncoordinated teenage guys? I feel like I'd have to get in shape to even start. Oh at your place they train you to do all that stuff and you get in shape for CrossFit by doing CrossFit? Wow.

I hear it's expensive. Well, I only get the $4.00 frappuccino. Well, yeah, every day. I know that's $120 a month and CrossFit is $110. I like to splurge on myself. I know I've been complaining about how my clothes fit. I did this cleanse and then am drinking my breakfast shakes with kale. Yeah I do kinda crash by 9am. And I'm ravenously hungry so I get a bagel and cream cheese before lunch. Of course I'm all about taking care of myself, but food is food right? You learned about nutrition at your CrossFit? At my gym they sell me supplements instead. No it doesn't really work and it's pretty pricey. 

So how do I start? Oh, I have to learn first? That's lame, I want to start right now. You mean you learn first to prevent injuries and overtraining? Oh, that sounds smart. How do I get a hold of them? 

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CFNFC | #MakeReady

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach