Fancy, soft chairs or fitness that you use every day?
A treadmill with a book and cup holder or results you can see?
An antiseptic, temperature controlled workout area with a booming system or an indoor/outdoor area that you can maximize your workout right alongside your community support system?

A lot of folks balk at the fact that we don't have showers. Cool, I get it. You're talking to a guy that went 4 months without a shower in Iraq and used baby wipes to keep from getting monkey butt. Really, I get it. You want your cleanliness handed to you just like you want your fitness handed to you. 

Here's what we hand to you: your ass. Each and every day if you want it bad enough. 

If that's crass or unprofessional to you, then while we'd love to change your mind, we understand. 
Ask yourself though: Why do I go where I'm going now? What is the true value of my membership? Is there possibly a better way to get fit and what is it?

Are the answers in front of you, or inside our walls

CFNFC is not a health club. It's a fitness factory. No towels, no catching up on Marie Claire while you "work out." Those luxuries are not going to drop that freshman 15 or the middle age pudge. You don't really think you can get the results you're looking for "working out" on the elliptical, do you?

Do you? 

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Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach