#badass part 1

Badass. It's a word lots of asshats use to describe themselves and reluctant heroes try to avoid being tagged with.

Casefile 1: ClydetheSEAL (he doesn't say "badass" but you get the jist)

Casefile 2: Ben Roberts-Smith click to wiki.

tl:dr In 2003 he was posted to the (AUS) Special Air Service, and was on his first operational tour of Afghanistan in 2006 when he was awarded the Medal for Gallantry for his actions as a patrol scout and sniper during Operation Slipper.
During his fifth (emphasis mine) tour of Afghanistan on 11 June 2010, Roberts-Smith took part in an assault against an enemy fortification, exposing his own position in order to draw fire away from members of his patrol who were pinned down. Fighting at close range, he stormed two enemy machine-gun posts and silenced them, earning the Victoria Cross (more stringent requirements than our own Medal of Honor.)

It's clear ClydetheSEAL is an asshat and despite being a giant of a man, Ben Roberts-Smith wants to be known as just a family man who did his job exceedingly well. 

There are a lot of CrossFit folks on the internets that post a million-billion times a day self-proclaiming their badassery showing off their shit form. While you, the everyday, journeyman athlete show up 4 days a week, hold a full-time job, have a young family and get no sleep, eat what you can because you're not a professional athlete paid by supplement companies to shill some bullshit magic powder that really doesn't work. And you keep triumphs to yourself. You celebrate quietly on your way home from the gym. That should change. You are a badass. Maybe not to the extreme of  Corporal Roberts-Smith, but a badass nonetheless. You show up tired, hungry and sometimes unmotivated and put the work in anyway. You are not a professional athlete, but a person, trying to make yourself better little by little, day by day and in my book that makes you a #badass.

Accept it, even flaunt it a bit. Come every day you can, focus on the task of the day and do your best. And when you set a PR or accomplish something however small you might think, proclaim it loudly and drown out the asshats who can't shut up about their abz. 

Be a #badass.

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