140901 12 Labors of Hercules WOD

20 each of the following at a level of difficulty of your choosing:
Spartan, Centurion, Herculean

Russian KB swings S:35 C:55 H:70
Wall Balls S:10 to 10 C:14 to 10 H:20 to 12
400m burden run S:25lb plate C:35lb plate H:45lb plate
Abmat sit-ups S:10lb plate C:15lb plate across chest H:25lb plate across chest
American KB swings S:35 C:55 H:70
Lateral burpees over plate S:25 C:35 H:45
Plate back squats S:25 C:35 H:45
Pull-ups S:0 C:15lb plate between knees H:25lb plate between knees
Plate overhead walking lunge S:25 C:35 H:45
Mountain climbers
1 arm dumbbell snatches S:20 C:35 H:40
1200m run


Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach