1. 3 rounds
   400m run
   10 Front Squats M:185 F:135
   50 Double unders

2. EMOM 10:
    Power clean+ hang squat clean+ push jerk+ split jerk increase leads throughout

3. EMOM 7:
    6 C2B pull-ups or wherever you're at in the pull-up progression

CFNFC Fact: Our logo has quite a bit of symbolism. The shield shape alludes to the military and law enforcement history of both CrossFit and Coach Michael. The colors are the colors of the University of North Carolina, Coach's alma mater. The snow-capped mountains are representative of Colorado and the major peaks visible from Fort Collins: Meeker, Longs and Twin Sister. The silhouette of the woman snatching/overhead squatting acknowledges the large percentage of badass female athletes at our gym. What other symbolism to you attribute to our logo? Sound off in the comments!

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach