How we Prep for and Execute the #Snatch at #CFNFC

The snatch is a technical lift that requires just as much technical prowess as strength. Warming up for and practicing the elements of the snatch allows us to more effectively execute the snatch rather than just going into a snatch WOD willy-nilly. 

  1. Thoroughly warm-up: Some series of dynamic movements to get blood flowing and joints lubed up. We throw some light cardio-type effort like 3x200 or 3x400 run or row, plus light calisthenics like push-ups, lunges and squats.
  2. PVC Pass-throughs: The purpose of the pass through is to determine rotational range of motion of the shoulders as well as provide a tool for increasing that range of motion. Because we're not professional weightlifters, our snatch grip and overhead squat grip may vary depending on the time of day, temperature, experience etc. Given that, the pass-through is an important component of setting up for a safe snatch. We execute the movement slowly with a closed grip.
  3. Modified Burgener Warmup: 
    1. Dip, Drive- bounce out of hips by dipping with an upright torso and driving powerfully by opening your hips fully, staying rooted to the floor, bar stays close. We want momentum to go into the bar, not lift you onto your toes. 
    2. Dip, Drive, High pull- same bounce, follow though with high elbows keeping the bar close to you. The max height needed is sternum high, any higher and you're going to pull early and unnecessarily.
    3. Hang Muscle Snatch- move the bar along a straight bar path as close to you as possible, elbows high and punch overhead. Think the Wave at the ballpark.
    4. Overhead Squat- determine the best landing position for your feet by executing a few overhead squats
    5. Heaving Snatch Balance- bar is in a wide-grip high bar back squat position, dip, drive and drop into a full squat while pressing the bar overhead
    6. Hang Power Snatch- dip, drive, drop (rebending your knees into a partial squat position) and punch overhead 
    7. Hang Snatch- start in the hang, dip, drive, drop (into a full squat) and punch overhead
  4. Setup: Start by tensioning down into start position; chest up, shoulders neutral, butt back and down, eyes forward, like a loaded spring. Hook grip the bar. 
  5. Execution: Drive through legs to accelerate bar, once bar passes knees accelerate hips open, get elbows high and behind while keeping the bar close, drop into a full squat while simultaneously punching the bar to the ceiling. Stick the landing and find balance at the bottom. Recover and repeat. 
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Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach