150612 - Observable, Measurable, Repeatable | FYF

Log books, apps, notecards, scratch paper.

It doesn't matter what you use, use something to keep track of your effort.

If you can't look back on how you were doing, you won't have a good idea where you are. This is a great big exercise science experiment and you are patient zero. You may respond to weight training better than MetCons. You might find that you work better first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. On an empty stomach or with some meat and veg onboard. 

We have the great big whiteboard on the west wall, but it's not big enough for everybody's everything.

Another benefit of keeping track is showing trends rather than how one workout goes. There are quite a few times where you'll say "Oh that workout sucked, I think I'm getting weaker." But, if you had been tracking your lifts and workouts, you'd see that it was just a small dip. And if you tracked what you ate all weekend and how you slept, then you might have a good explanation for your performance. 

Here's a PDF you can download to get you started!

3 rounds
5 max distance pulls on C2
10 ball slams
15 jump lunges

With a continuously running 20: clock and no additional rest
:30 on :30 off for 10 mins ground to overhead M:115 F:75
5 mins max distance C2
5 mins max burpees
rest 2:
Shuttle run

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach