140924 Work Capacity Ramp Week

5 rounds
10 air squats
10 push-ups
10 abmat sit-ups
30 seconds box stretches

Death by 10 meters
Start at 4, end at 10 minutes (13 rounds)

10 rounds
:20 KB swings
:20 abmat sit-ups
:20 rest

Skill: Intro to sandbag get-ups

COACHNOTES: This is day 3 of week 1, which is normally a rest day for a lot of folks. With this programming, we're trying to encourage people to float their rest days relative to recovery needs. DB10m is meant to increase runner's speed over the time of the workout. It forces their speed to increase as fatigue increases. WOD is a grind by the 7th round. 

WODNOTES: About half the folks barely made it to 13 lengths. Next time, we'll do it as prescribed from minute 1. KB swings at 55/35 seem to be sufficient. Form started to break down after 8 rounds for some athletes. Abmats are hard to get people to run through full ROM (touch floor above the head, shoulders pass hips at the top) Consider TTB or K2E instead of abmats. 


Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach