140923 Work Capacity Ramp Week

10 PVC Lunging pass-throughs
10 Empty bar-thrusters

4 rounds
:55 max distance run
high pace return
2 min rest from last athlete

Pull-up progression: Descending work on strict pull-ups via matrix
5 rounds

COACHNOTES: Continuing work capacity using the run which is the easiest and most effective way. :55 got most people to 200m, with the better runners extending to 300m. Max DHPU after 4 all-out efforts in running is less than the total number that the athlete can do fresh, but that's the point.

WODNOTES: Pull-ups focusing on strict pull-ups (or difficult banded pull-ups) Yay! Descending work was confusing (aww) to many, with folks dropping the number in the second round and holding there. Some attempted to get hte number despite dropping off the bar. Make clearer the expectations next time. Athletes weren't too sore yet. 2 mins rest after :55 max effort was pretty good. 


Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach