181016 - Tips Tuesday - SOUPS ON!


The colder weather is moving in and that means…..SOUP!
One of the easiest foods to prep, stew and soup season has so many possibilities! Make a giant batch and eat it all week OR leave everything in the crockpot to cook all day so you can come home to a hot dinner! (P.S. If you don’t have a crockpot, now is the time to invest! They are a game changer when it comes to cooking at home!)
ANYWAY, here’s a couple of my favorite options with recipes:

Crock Pot Lasagna Soup - “Spend With Pennies”


Beef Stew - “Savory Nothings”


Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup - “Damn Delicious”
(I like to sub the spaghetti noodles for egg noodles!)


Quick Italian Veggie Soup - “Recipes that Crock”


I love following Pinterest boards for more ideas! Here’s my favorite one for soups but there are so many out there to explore! (https://www.pinterest.com/chocolatewgrace/easy-healthy-soup-recipes/) ENJOY!

WARM UP - One Minute of Each
Side Shuffle
Step Ups
Step Overs
Air Squats

Mobilization - Gorilla Squats

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 70#
3 @ 50% + 70#
2 @ 65% + 70#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 70#

Coach Prep - Go over movements and find your spot!

WOD - For Time
DB Box Step Ups

COOL DOWN - 30 calorie bike/row/ski

181015 - Motivation Monday - Prep for Friday


On Friday, we are wrapping up our 6 week Strength Program with the CROSSFIT TOTAL!

What is the CrossFit Total you might ask! Good question!
In our 60 minute class time, you will get 20 minutes per lift to warm up for AND complete a 1 Rep Max in the order of back squat, press, and then deadlift. The goal is to see improvement in each lift from the weights we set 6 weeks ago!

Okay, so how do I prepare for this? You’re full of great questions today!
We have programmed workouts that are low key and gives you time to deload a bit but we are still doing deadlift today, Back Squat on Tuesday, and Press on Wednesday but no repeat lift! Make sure you are eating plenty of protein this week (that palm worth in each meal) and drinking plenty of water! Get tons of sleep, that’s the best way to recover! Finally, GET PUMPED! You can’t walk into this week willy nilly! Be aggressive and confident so by Friday, you can march into the gym ready to crush some Personal Records!

TIPS FOR THE CROSSFIT TOTAL - from The CrossFit Journal

WARM UP - 2 Rounds
1 minute Row/Bike/Ski (Try to use a different device on the 2nd round)
10 Plank Hip Extensions - Each Side
10 Single Leg PVC Back Deadlifts - Each Side
(See video below)

MOBILITY - Seated Pigeon Stretch

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 60#
3 @ 50% + 60#
2 @ 65% + 60#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 60#

Go over each move, hold for :10 to practice and decide on scaling

WOD - EMOM 12:
Minute 1 - Plank (Scale Up on Rings)
Minute 2 - WallSit (Scale Up with DB)
Minute 3 - Dead Hang (Scale up Monkey Swing)
Minute 4 - Glute Bridge (Scale Up with DB)

COOL DOWN - Single Leg Hamstring Stretch

181012 - FYF - "Angie"


For time:
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

This chipper should push your muscular stamina while being metabolically taxing. Drop the reps and modify the movements for the exercises you struggle with. Try to avoid any one exercise taking more than 8 minutes.

Intermediate Option
For time:
60 pull-ups
60 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

Beginner Option
For time:
50 ring rows
50 knee push-ups
50 sit-ups
50 squats

181011 - Soapbox Thursday - Heed the Barbell


With so much weightlifting happening around the gym lately (thank you awesome strength program), I wanted to put out a PSA about the danger of the barbell. Ya’ll are getting mighty comfortable with them which is good for confidence and technique….but don’t get TOO comfortable!

Here’s what we are seeing and why it’s no bueno:
- Talking while lifting
”Am I getting deep enough coach? (Mid back squat)”

If you’re talking, that means you are not bracing your core and if that’s not happening, the muscles that protect your spine are not engaged, therefore your spine is NOT protected. This can also distract you from using the right muscles or focusing on how you feel.

- Speeding through/rushing lifts
”That was just my light sets.”

Even if it’s the empty bar or light weight sets, you need to practice as you will perform so treat every bar like it’s your 1RM so when that comes up, you are both mentally and physically ready! And don’t forget, even the empty bar can hurt cha!

- Looking around mid-lift
Turns head to look at someone else that’s lifting.
Your spine needs to be properly and naturally “stacked” for it to be structurally sound, so when you crank your neck to look around, the integrity of your spine is lost!

- Lifting while distracted
Laughing and telling jokes while grabbing the bar to lift.
Everyone always makes comments about how difficult these lifts are and how much there is to think about. Yet when it comes to doing it, people tend to go into the lift completely distracted from the task at hand.

We want you to be safe and be successful while lifting. Please heed the barbell and treat it with caution! We still want to have fun but not at the sacrifice of good lifting technique! CrossFit TOTAL is next Friday! ALL THREE LIFTS on a single day, going for THREE new PRs! We want you to get pumped BUT remember this PSA! :)

WARM UP - w/ a partner
250m Row ——> while partner does 5 Single Arm KB Swings (Switching arms every 5)
250m Row ——> while partner does 5 Single Arm banded presses (Switching arms every 5)
[See video of banded presses below]

MOBILIZE - 4 Way Bands

STRENGTH - Strict Press
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% +30#
3 @ 50% + 30#
2 @ 65% + 30#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 30#

WOD - w/ a partner
KB or DB Farmer Hold - 50-55/35 GO HEAVY! Work that grip!
12 Cal. Row
(Both work at the same time then when both are done with their movement, switch. Each switch counts as one round!)

181010 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


CrossFitters are a very certain breed of human. We’ve decided that we’re okay with doing hard things, we don’t mind being humbled by a workout, we spend extra time at the gym just chillin, we like to push the limits of our capabilities, and we know how to have a good time! This Choice City fit fam are you people! Cliche as heck, but your vibe attracts your tribe and you’ve attracted a kick ass group!


WARM UP - 1 min cardio (Speed up throughout)
Spiderman Sequence (Hold each position for :15)
- Plank
- Sprinter lunge
- Sprinter lunge with lower elbow
- Sprinter lunge open arm to ceiling

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% +50#
3 @ 50% + 50#
2 @ 65% + 50#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 50#

WOD - Front Squat RX 135/95 (or 50% of your heavy set of Back Squat for the day if it is lower)
4 sets of 2 minutes Max Rep attempts
Rest 2-3 min. between sets

200m Jog/Bike/Row
Quad Barbell Roll

181009 - Tips Tuesday

 Steve’s got his Nike Metcon 4’s on!

Steve’s got his Nike Metcon 4’s on!

Tip of the Week:
When choosing a CrossFit shoe, ensure that you have sufficient arch support, a generally flat sole and some kind of protection in the arch. The following brands have decent shoes for CrossFitting:
Nike - Metcons
Reebok - Nanos
Inov-8 - f lites
No Bull - any low top training shoe
New Balance - Minimus
Asics - Conviction X

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 5.10.34 AM.png

Zombie Walk
Inch Worm
10 PVC to Good Mornings

MOBILIZE - 10 Banded Hamstring Activation Curls on each side

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% +50#
3 @ 50% + 50#
2 @ 65% + 50#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 50#

Find Scaling Weight for Deadlifts
Wall Prayer Stretch
Wall Walks
Find Handstand Scaling Option

WOD - “Diane”
21 - 15 - 9
Deadlift 215/155
Handstand Push-Ups

Cool Down -
Wall 4 Stretch
Overhead Band stretch

181008 - Motivation Monday


Most people believe that big action requires big motivation, but in reality, most motivation is gained through action. In the simplest scenario, I’m not motivated to fold my laundry but once I get started and fold that first T-shirt…I’m on a roll and love the dwindling pile of clothes which helps keep me working on the task at hand!

Don’t wait around to get motivated, do something first then the motivation will build!


2 Rounds
5 Slow Pulls
5 Hard Pulls (with 2 second pause at back)
5 Fast Pulls
10 Strict DB Press (5 Second Pause at the top of each)

MOBILITY - Banded Face Pulls (Until everyone is done with the warm-up)
Banded Overhead Stretch (See video below)

10 @ EB
5 @ (30% + 25#)
3 @ (50% + 25#)
2 @ (65% + 25#)
3 sets of 1 @ (75% + 25#)

WOD - Death by Push/Pull
1 Push Press
1 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
(Add 1 to each movement in each minute until failure!)

COOL DOWN - Prayer Stretch / Weighted PVC Pass Thrus

181005 - FYF! - "300"


Alright ya’ll we did this on April 6th, so 6 months ago! This is a retest to see how far you’ve come! Push it today! You’ve got this!

WARM UP - 20 Calories Cardio
30 Arm Circles
30 Bunny Hops
30 Shoulder Taps
30 Straight Back Toe Reaches

MOBILIZE - Foam Roll Reach / Delt and Lat Roll

COACH PREP - Run through each movement as a group

WOD - "300"  25:00 time cap!
25 pull-ups
50 deadlifts 135/95
50 push-ups
50 box jumps 24/20
50 floor wipers 135/95
50 clean and press 75/55
25 pull-ups

-Scaled versions-
Level 1:
25 Banded Pull-Ups
50 Deadlifts
50 Push-Ups
50 Body-weight squat jumps
50 V-Ups
50 Push-Press
25 Banded Pull-Ups
Level 2/3:
25 Ring Rows
50 Air Squats
50 Push-Ups
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Mountain Climbers
50 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
25 Ring Rows

181004 - Soapbox Thursday



I can’t even spell it. Neither should you.
Being average isn’t a calling card or something to aspire to. It’s the range of folks that accept that doing the bare minimum is okay.
Just by getting up in the morning, swigging your coffee and dragging your butt to the gym isn’t enough. You’ve got to push yourself into areas of discomfort. You’ve got to make yourself comfortable with discomfort.

There are tons of showy instagram pages that offer up pleasant platitudes that are supposed to motivate you to excel. Maybe excel because it’s the hard thing not because Fiona Fitnessmodel threw “Rise and Grind” with some fancy glittery font over a 8lb kettlebell picture. That’s not a grind. An hour on the rower is a grind. Pushing the pace on a half marathon until something breaks or you feel ill is a grind. Taking your old-ass, painful knees through squats and lunges despite wanting to avoid them is a grind. Living to old age while living a worthwhile and adventurous life is a grind.

Doing what’s required to put yourself above your peers often isn’t the popular choice. It may make some folks not like you. It may make people with weak constitutions uncomfortable. However, it may actually spur people into action. Be that person. The person that actually pushes themselves and the people around them to be better.

Leave the meatyocratie to the mediocre.

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 40#
3 @ 50% + 40#
2 @ 65% + 40#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 40#

WOD - 4 Rounds for Time
10 Chin Ups
20 Jump Lunges

181003 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


WARM UP - 2 minutes Cardio
Plank Hold :30
8 Push Ups
8 Plate Bench Press 25/15
8 Plate Overhead Press 25/15

MOBILITY - Prayer Stretch

10 @ EB
5 @ (30% + 20#)
3 @ (50% + 20#)
2 @ (65% + 20#)
3 sets of 1 @ (75% + 20#)

WOD - Bench Press Trio
Complete as many reps as possible at each weight before racking.
Allow 3-5 minutes between each lift!


COOL DOWN - 4 Way Bands

181002 - Tall Sock Tuesday!


My TIP for today is all about healthy snacks! With our nutrition challenge, you get a whole point for eating one healthy snack during the day! This snack can help stave off cravings for fast food runs and reaches for the candy bowl!


  • 1 (6 oz) container non-fat, plain Greek Yogurt + 1/2 cup sliced strawberries + 8 almonds

  • 1 (6 oz) container non-fat, plain Greek yogurt + 2 tbsp trail mix                                           

  • Light string cheese + 1 small apple                                                                                                                 

  • 5 Akmak crackers + 2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges                                                                       

  • 10 baby carrots + 3 tbsp hummus mixed with 1/2 cup cottage cheese/Greek yogurt     

  • 1 packet plain instant oatmeal + 1/2 scoop protein powder + 5 chopped almonds 

  • 1 hard boiled egg + 1 tbsp hummus + 1 lightly salted rice cake                                           

  • 3/4 cup plain Cheerios + 1/2 scoop protein powder + 1/2 cup 1% milk                                 

  • 1 oz turkey jerky + 100 calorie pack of almonds                                                                           

  • Quest protein bar                                                                                                                                         

  • 1/4 cup dry roasted edamame + 1 cup air popped popcorn + 2 tsp chocolate chips  

  • 3/4 scoop protein shake + 2 tbsp dried cherries + 1 tbsp peanuts                                              


Jog 100m
Single Arm Farmer Carry (Out Right and Back Left)
Single Arm Front Rack Carry (Out Right and Back Left)
10 Suitcase Deadlifts on each side

MOBILIZE - PVC Good Mornings and Hammy Banded Activation

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% +40#
3 @ 50% + 40#
2 @ 65% + 40#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 40#

1 Rope Climb
10 Front Rack Step Ups 75/55 with 20”
20 Double Unders or 40 Singles

COOL DOWN - 100m Walk with Forearm Stretch

181001 - Motivation Monday


We have the potential to eat 21 healthy meals a week! That’s 21 opportunities to fuel our life endeavors and build a healthier body! BUT, how many times do people skip breakfast, have “cheat days,” or drink their dinner??? If we are only consuming 9-16 meals a week, we are losing out on times to fill the tank, feel good, and meet out goals!

On Saturday we had our seminar about our “Lean Turkey” Nutrition Challenge! It all starts today! We want to give people a reason to step up their eating, live a more healthy life, and have accountability to both! AND we are keeping it simple this time around which means that all we want is for you to eat a balanced plate three times a day along with a balanced snack! No macro counting or fancy foods, just a visual portion control of mostly meat and veggies! (See pic below)


If you weren’t at the seminar, PLEASE still participate with us!
Coach Lauren will be at the gym for all classes today so if you have questions about how the challenge works, please come in and ask! We will get you all set up! :)

1 minute of cardio
1 minute down dog to cobra
1 minute of broad jumps
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute pole squats
1 minute banded marches

MOBILIZE - Banded Ankle Stretch and Banded Pigeon Stretch

STRENGTH - Back Squat (Session #5)
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 40#
3 @ 50% + 40#
2 @ 65% + 40#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 40#

ROUND 1 - 8 Alternating DB Snatches 50/35
ROUND 2 - 8 DB Goblet Squats 55/35
Max Burpees
(SCORE = Number of Burpees)

COOL DOWN - Walking Sampson stretch to hamstring stretch for 2 lengths of the gym each!

180828 - FYF!

 Don’t forget the Lean Turkey Challenge!

Don’t forget the Lean Turkey Challenge!

Our Lean Turkey Challenge will get you ready for the holidays by tightening up your eating! Free Seminar on Saturday at 10am! Be there.

Death by 10 Meters 4-10
(Pre-warm-up until XX:05)

Grab a PVC, coach-led
1. Pass thrus
2. Around the worlds
3. Gandalfs
4. Leg swings
then grab lacrosse ball
1. Glute Mēd ball
2. Quad ball

Set up workout area

“Tabata You Gotta Be Kidding Me!”
8 rounds of :20 work, :10 rest each of:
Wall Balls #20 to 10'/#14 to 9"
Air squats
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 55#/35#
:30 rest between elements!
Score is total number of reps!

180927 - Soapbox Thursday


Find work.
When we accomplished a mission or task assigned when I was downrange, we were encouraged to “find work.” Finding work meant setting up traffic control points in our area of responsibility in order to identify and capture high value targets or vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) without telegraphing some massive operation and talking to locals on patrol to try to find out important information that would allow us to do our jobs better and/or further our higher command’s mission.
With fitness, there’s always somewhere to “find work.”
When there isn’t active coaching going on, or you’ve blazed through the warm-up, there’s always something that you can do to make yourself a better athlete.
Most of the time I ask about mobility, because that’s the area where the most benefit can be had in the least amount of time. Short hamstrings? Do some good mornings and banded ham work and voilà! Better already!
The next step is working on areas you suck at: double-unders, pistols, HSPUs, pull-ups, Toes to bars, dips, burpees, etc. I purposely didn’t mention muscle-ups, because those are sexy and any one with a dip and a pull-up (and lots without) will try a muscle-up on their own accord.
Is swinging around like meat at a butcher shop making you better? No. Is improving your strength, flexibility, accuracy, agility, coordination and balance in any of the aforementioned areas going to? Yup. If you insist on working on muscle-ups (or any of the high-skill items above) USE THE PROGRESSIONS. Lauren didn’t make those for nothing. She made them to get you from point A which is terrible at something to point C which is pretty darn passable at that thing, through point B which is focused practice.
All of these things can be done outside what we program for the WOD. It’s all about finding work. Once you’re the best at everything, maybe then you can stand around and look bored.
Find work.

WARM UP - 2 Rounds
:30 Banded Sprints
:30 Banded Good Mornings/Standing Glute Bridges
:30 Banded Hammy Stretch

GAME - PVC Circle or Circle Tag

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% +30#
3 @ 50% + 30#
2 @ 65% + 30#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 30#

WOD - You choose your own cardio adventure! :)
2k Row for Time
1 Mile run for Time!

COOL DOWN - 200m walk

180926 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


I just got done reading Rachel Hollis’s book, Girl Wash Your Face. (Okay, I listened to it on Audible…so sue me!)

So anyway, my ears read this inspiring self-help book that is segmented into chapters titled by lies she believed in the past and had to disprove to build her best life. One of the chapters is titled, “The Lie: I’ll Start Tomorrow.”

Imagine you have a friend and you invite him or her to the gym. They say they are excited and will definitely be there, but then they don’t. And the next few times he/she may or may not come. This friend invited you out to eat at a restaurant and despite starting a new “diet” he/she indulges and says they are actually starting next week. This friend leaves work early and declares to the office that he/she is exhausted and promises to get to bed early so tomorrow they will be perked up and ready to crush it at work….but as you can already guess, they stayed up watching TV until midnight instead.

This friend is quickly losing your trust and soon, you won’t be able to believe what they say! Now imagine that this friend is actually YOU! Yup, YOU have broken one to many promises to yourself and now, without realizing it, you’ve lost faith in the commitments you speak. Stop breaking promises to yourself and start trusting that when you say you’ll do something, YOU DO IT! :)


Q of the DAY - Why FoCo? (how’d you get here?)

WARM UP - With a Partner
250m row while partner cossack squats (Switch)
10 calorie row while partner back lunges (Switch)
250m row while partner sumo press squat (Switch)

MOBILIZE - Cross Shins Stretch

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 20#
3 @ 50% + 20#
2 @ 65% + 20#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 20#

WOD - w/ a partner
8 Rounds total for Time
(Switch after each movement)
21 Double Unders
15 Squat Thrusts (Half Burpees)
9 DB Thrusters 35/25

COOL DOWN - Single Leg Frog Stretch

180925 - Tips Tuesday


Yesterday was deadlift day and this was a common conversation:
”Hey awesome athlete, let’s try to get those knees back and shins vertical.”
”Hey coach, that feels uncomfortable and is really hard for me.”
”Don’t worry athlete, that’s a good thing! It means you are using more muscles and creating more tension to help you with the lift.”

But let’s dissect the actual mechanics and anatomy in the deadlift! Here’s a video that gives tons of visuals to help make it easier to see!

WARM UP - 2 Rounds
100m DB Walk (50m OH right hand DB/50m left hand DB)
10 Single Arm DB Strict Press (Right and Left)
10 DB Skiers

MOBILIZE - First Rib Mobility for Overhead Positioning (See video below)

10 @ EB
5 @ (30% + 15#)
3 @ (50% + 15#)
2 @ (65% + 15#)
3 sets of 1 @ (75% + 15#)

200m Run
40 Russian KB Swings 55/35
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups
20 American KB Swings 55/35
10 Ab Mat Sit Ups

COOL DOWN - 200m Pinch Plate Carry 15/10

180924 - Motivation Monday - I'm RICH!


I’ll be honest here for a moment, aside from a fairly low car payment and small credit card, I don’t have a ton of debt. On the flip side…I also don’t have a ton of money in my bank account either. When I was married, I had tons of money in savings and could live comfortably without ever having to worry if I had enough funds to do whatever we wanted. But then when I left him and he took everything.

SO….moral of the story…..I'm RICH beyond belief now! Not in cash because I live month to month and make it work with the tiny amount I’ve got! But by golly, IF I TALLIED UP ALL OF my genuine happiness, needs being met, loyal friendship, life quality, health/fitness, adventure/excitement, job satisfaction (for the most part…darn side job), and abundance of love, I’d find that I’m filthy stinking RICH!

Even though four years ago I could have bought an expensive rug or vase each day of the week, I wasn’t truly happy with me, myself, my life, my relationships, my job…so no matter the number in my bank account…I was broke as a joke in all other aspects of life so it didn’t even matter! Find your rich state of living and live there! :)

-Coach Lo

WARM UP - 3 Minutes Cardio (Speed Up through out)
1 Minute Sprinters Lunges
1 Minute Good Mornings
1 Minute EB Glute Bridges

MOBILITY - Hamstring Banded Curl

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 10#
3 @ 50% + 10#
2 @ 65% + 10#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 10#

1 minute max deadlifts 135/95
Rest :30
4 Squats
4 Push ups
REST 1 minutes
1 minute max deadlifts 135/95
Rest :30
4 Squats
4 Push Ups

Cool Down - Sampson Stretch

180921 - FYF

Being better lies on the margins of success and failure. Do not be afraid to do either.
— -Coach Michael (probably from someone older and smarter)

2 rounds
1:00 cardio of your choice
10 hand-release push-ups
5 wall squats
10 air squats
5 goblet squats

Plank drag race

Fight Gone Bad
Three Rounds of: 
Wall-ball, 20/14 pound ball, 10/9 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75/55 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 24”/20" box (Reps)
Push-press, 75/55 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)
1 minute of rest between rounds

180920 - Soapbox Thursday

Getting strong is like moving a pile of dirt. Some days you use a shovel and some days you use a spoon, but what’s important is that you move some dirt.
— John Welbourn, Power Athlete HQ (formerly known as CF Football)

It’s easy to fall into the trap of training only when you feel like you can do well in the workout “OOOOH! ‘Cindy’ is my sh*t!” or checking the WOD and rolling back over in bed because “400m repeats? F*ck that sh*t!”

It doesn’t matter if it’s your jam. It’s only your jam because you made it your jam. It’s time to make everything your jam. Suck at pistols? Show up. Stink at handstand push-ups? Show up. Can’t press overhead because you hurt your shoulder? Show up. We’ll scale it and make it work for you.

Show up. Grab that implement. Move some dirt.

WARM UP - 2 Rounds
OH Plate Walk
Head to Head Plate Jump Outs (:30 Max Rep)
12 Plate Ground to Overhead

MOBILIZE - DB Around Yo’ Head
Upward Banded Stretch

10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 10#
3 @ 50% + 10#
2 @ 65% + 10#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 10#

WOD - EMOM 10:
Odd Minutes: 5 Hang Cleans 95/75 and 5 Lateral Burpees (Rx+ 7)
Even Minutes: 3 Thrusters and 3 Lateral Burpees (Rx+ 5)

COOL DOWN - Plate Press and Hold :20 ON/:10 OFF for 6 Rounds 5/2.5

180919 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


This quote is a lesson in patience. We typically want things to come quickly and rush along through stuff! HOWEVER, if you can slow your roll for a hot second, and take things one teeny tiny step at a time…things will not only be easier to handle, but they are more likely stick around.

INCH by freakin’ INCH my friends! Little step by little step.


WARM UP - 2 Rounds
Jog Perimeter
20 High Knees
20 Butt Kickers
5 Prison Squats
5 Gorilla Squats

MOBILIZE - Banded Squat and Banded 4 stretch (See Video Below!)

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 20#
3 @ 50% + 20#
2 @ 65% + 20#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 20#

2 Toes to Bar
2 Pistols
(Add 2 reps per round)