190122 - Tips Tuesday - Wrist Pain


Yesterday after lots of front squats, push presses, and thrusters, many athletes were having wrist pain! Makes sense when you think about it…when do we really crank our wrists around while loaded with weight…basically never right!?

There are 8 bones that make up the wrist. There is no single “wrist joint” because all of those carpal bones connected together by many ligaments and tendons create lots of little joints that help us move the wrist around in all directions. When this connective tissue and these small joints get forced into a position it’s not use to, it can cause pain from one of the radial, median, or ulnar nerves (which are the main ones that run up into the hand from the forearm.)

While wrist wraps can put a band-aid on the problem, it’s a lot like wearing gloves/grips to avoid hand tears during pull-ups. You’re never going to build up the strength, resilience, and calluses to naturally prevent yourself from tearing! Wrist wraps are the same in that they keep you from building the wrist strength and mobility to get better for next time! Yes, it’s painful but barring prior wrist injuries, it’s better to suck it up and build those babies up!

? of the Day - Furtherest you’ve been from “home”?

WARM UP - Partner Up!
5 x 100m row per partner
(While one is rowing, the other is doing prayer stretch)
Speed up per each 100m

Assign Partners and get equipment ready

WOD - “To Hell & Back” (w/ a partner)
500m-400m-300m-200m-100m-200m-300m-400m-500m row
(One partner rests and one partner works)
GOAL is to go as fast as possible each time you row!!!!

If all rowers are full, athletes have the option to do Airbike/Ski
50-40-30-20-10-20-30-40-50 Calories

Accumulate 50 partner med ball sit ups

190121 - Motivation Monday


? of the DAY - If you had to participate in an eating contest, what would you want the food to be?

2 min. cardio device or running lengths
Grab a 15# plate (See video below for whole warm up)
Trunk Twists
Lumberjack chops
Rainbow Archs
Press Overhead
Tricep Press
Plate on Back Good Morning

MOBILIZE - Dead Hang from Bar (shoulder shrugs)
Door Jam Chest Stretch
Door Jam Front Rack Stretch

EB Front Squat (Bottom Hold)
EB Press (Top Hold)
EB Thrusters (Rebound from the top)
Prep weights for WOD

One round of practice with:
2 Front Squats
2 Push Press
4 Thrusters


5 Front Squats 105/75
5 Push Press
10 Thrusters

1) >5 Rounds! (That’s 2 minutes per round! Plenty of time!)
2) Full depth and full extension EVERY TIME!

COOL DOWN - Accumulate 20 thread the needles (10 each side)

190118 - Hero WOD FYF!

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 11.29.44 PM.png

? of the DAY - What rule do you live by?

WARM UP - 20 calorie row/bike/ski
Then…3 rounds
5 Light KB Gob Squats
5 Light KB Good Mornings
5 Light KB Single Arm Press (Right)
5 Light KB Single Arm Press (Left)
5 Strict Pull-Ups (Or scaling option you are using for the WOD)

HSPU : Scaling Options
Box Handstand Push Ups
Seated DB Press
<35# Plate with Ab Mat

Deadlift : Scaling Options
(Ladies if you lifted more than 200# on Monday
Gentlemen if you lifted more than 260# on Monday
then it is probably appropriate to Rx this workout)
Otherwise, scale weight to about 65% of your 1RM
Should be able to lift 6 in a row!

Pull-Ups : 6 Pull-Ups with whichever scaling option you used in the warm up

Double Under : Practice! (3 Min)

WOD - "Hero WOD” Bradshaw
For Time (25 min. cap)
10 Rounds
3 Handstand Push-Ups
6 Deadlifts 225/155
12 Pull-Ups
24 Double Unders

190117 - Soapbox Thursday


The Hook Grip - Mark Rippetoe

Olympic weightlifters use a grip technique that provides enough grip security to hold on to highly-accelerated loads on the barbell. The "hook grip" is useful for general strength training as well, for several reasons.

1. A hook grip is performed by taking a regular double-overhand grip on the bar, and then moving the thumb in toward the opposing fingertips and placing the distal digit of the middle finger on top of the thumbnail, with the other fingers accommodating this position. This doesn't work with a fat bar or short fingers, but for most people and most equipment commonly found in the weight room it can solve a lot of problems.

With a chalked hand, this middle finger/thumbnail interface creates both friction between the two surfaces and quite a bit of pressure as the thumb is pulled up into the knurl of the bar. The pressure on the skin of the thumb can be mitigated by athletic tape, but it still takes some getting used to. When you first decide to use it, you'll need to hook all your warmups for several workouts until your thumbs can tolerate the load. They can: Brad Gillingham has pulled 881 with a hook grip.

2. The mechanism by which a normal double-overhand grip works relies on "squeeze", as the fingers encircle the bar and apply pressure around the circumference. Both forearm flexors and extensors are actively involved in this contraction, and since some of these muscles cross the elbow joint, tight forearms also tighten the elbows. This prevents the rapid rotation required for racking a snatch or a clean, since a tight elbow can't rotate as fast as a loose elbow. And since we power clean and power snatch in strength training, the hook grip is useful. And it helps a novice lifter learn how to keep the elbows straight, since the bar can hang securely from loose elbows.

3. It's also useful for maintaining the rotational symmetry of the shoulders in a heavy pull. An alternate grip – commonly seen as the default deadlift grip for people who don't even need to use it because the weight isn't heavy – features one shoulder in internal rotation and one shoulder in external rotation, since one hand is prone and the other supine. This almost always produces a rotation about the saggital plane as the bar gets pushed away from the supine side (through some mechanism we haven't entirely explained). It's sometimes hard to control, and it can get you hurt if the bar gets too far away from you. A hook grip places both shoulders in nice symmetrical internal rotation, simplifying the mechanics of the pull by eliminating the rotation.

4. A minor beneficial side-effect is the tendency for the bar to ride a tiny bit lower in the hands in a hook grip than in an alternate grip, because most people tend to "overgrip" the bar when they alternate their prone/supine hands. A lower bar position in the grip reduces the ROM of the deadlift by that distance, and every little bit helps in a meet.

5. And a major beneficial side effect is safety: distal and proximal bicep tendon avulsions have increased in the public awareness (if not frequency) lately. They are the direct result of the load on the supine side of the grip, where the humerus is externally rotated and the bicep is flexed. They always require surgical repair. Since the hook grip preserves the internal rotation symmetry for both shoulders, there is no supine side to avulse.

The hook grip should not be considered an advanced Olympic weightlifting technique. It should be learned the first time you clean, and used for heavy deadlifts when it is appropriate. It's usually appropriate.


? of the DAY - What trait do you like most about yourself?

WARM UP - Partner Up
Partner 1 = 100m Row
Partner 2 = Bear Crawl (Down & Back)
Switch back and forth for 5 min.

MOBILIZE - Foam Roll Quads and Shoulders
Foam Roll Prayer Stretch

WOD - Station Style
(4 Rounds of each :30 ON/:30 OFF with 1 minute rest b/w stations)
1 - Air Bike for cal.
2 - EB Strict Press
3 - Row for cal.
4 - Russian KB Swing 55/35
(Score is total number of reps)

COOL DOWN - Wall 4 Stretch

190116 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


People are living to be much older these days and although their lifespan has improved, their healthspan has declined. With chronic diseases, arthritis, and cancer affecting many aging individuals, people are starting to consider expanding their years of health, instead of just their years of life.

Below is a list of tips for healthy aging and if you’re doing The Whole Life Challenge with us, this list should look familiar! *wink wink nudge nudge* A long health span doesn't just happen and it starts early. So here’s some advice for protecting your physical and mental health after age 50 from Helpguide.org, a nonprofit resource collaborating with Harvard Health Publishing:

  • Learn to cope with change. Focus on the things you're grateful for, look for silver linings, acknowledge and express your feelings, take one small step each day to deal with life's challenges.

  • Find activities you enjoy: Try a new hobby, learn something new (a foreign language or a musical instrument), take a class, write your memoirs.

  • Stay connected. Spend time with friends and family, make new friends, volunteer, find support groups to help you cope with illness or loss.

  • Sleep well. Have a regular bed time, make sure your bedroom is dark or use a sleep mask, turn off the TV and other screens at least an hour before going to bed.

  • Eat well. Eat lots of fiber-rich whole grains and vegetables, drink plenty of fluids, make meals social events.

  • Exercise matters. Find at least one activity you like enough to do regularly, take brisk walks every day.

  • Keep your mind sharp. Try new recipes, work harder crossword puzzles, learn new skills.


? of the DAY - Favorite Flower?

WARM UP - Agility Ladder Drills

GAME - Rock Paper Scissors

Wallball: Squat, WB Squat, Throw, Wallball
(Scaling = Lighter Ball, Lower Target)

Jump Lunges: Knee Tracking, Full Extension
(Scaling = Stepping Lunges)

DB Snatch: The Wave, Punch
(Scaling = Lighter DB, From the Hang)

Burpee: 6 point, Flopee
(Scaling = Squat Thrust)

WOD - w/ a partner
100 Wallballs 20/14
100 Jump Lunges
100 DB Snatches 50/35
100 Burpees
(Each partner must do 50 of each, but you can break it up how you want within the movement, must complete one move before switching to the next)

COOL DOWN - 200m run or row (if time)

190115 - Tips Tuesday - Newbies! :)


The TIP today is more of a suggestion!
If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve got a HUGE influx of awesome new people! WOOHOO! Adding more members to the fit fam!

That being said, I want you to think back to when you started CrossFit! It’s a humbling, exciting, intimidating, thrilling, confusing time until you get settled in (and maybe you still feel that way sometimes….I know I do depending on the day!)

So here are some tips to help YOU help our NEWBIES:

1) If you don’t know someone, introduce yourself!

Just knowing someone’s name can help ya’ll connect and feel more at home. Ask them questions and get to know them!

2) Offer Help!
Locate equipment for them or let them know where the bathroom is. If someone looks lost, ask if you can assist! Make sure you leave coaching up to the coaches though! If they need the scoring of the workout explained, that’s totally fine! But try not to explain the form of a movement or how to scale properly, we’ve got highly trained and super friendly coaches you can call over for that kind of stuff!

3) High five often!
”GOOD GAME!” “GOOD GAME!” “GOOD GAME!” This goes for the oldies and the newbies! Everyone can use a good fist bump after a tough workout or a good lift! AND they are free so pass ‘em out!

4) Partner Up with them!
I know you want to be with your friend but don’t let anyone feel left out! Make sure you let that person know that they won’t be last picked on the playground here!

5) Encourage them to return!
A “See you tomorrow *Insert new members name here*!” goes a long way! Just knowing that friendly faces are waiting for you the next day, makes people feel really good and want to get back in the next day!


? of the DAY - The best way to start the day is…??? (On a perfect day!)

WARM UP - Arm Swings and Circles
Side Plank (Switching back and forth)
1 Minute of Each
Wallball Partner Toss
Plank Push

GAME - “Ball Pass Relay Race”
(If there is only one or two people in a class
then they will play “The Floor is Lava”

Ring Row Review
Hand Release Push Up Review

7 Elevated Ring Rows (If you can’t do 5 in a row, scale to normal)
7 Hand Release Push Ups
14 Elevated Ring Rows (If you can’t do 5 in a row, scale to normal)
14 Hand Release Push Ups

Accumulate 100
banded jumping jacks

190114 - Motivation Monday

Congrats to our strong team that competed this weekend at the Granite Games! We are so proud of you Allison, Mindy, and Kyndall! Way to meet your goals!


Good old Ben Bergeron…
If you don’t follow his instagram, here’s the link and I would HIGHLY recommend you do that!
Okay, so this particular post that he created hit me in all the feels. Deep down, I know that perfection isn’t achievable and yet…I find myself reaching for it now and then. And ya’ll it’s soul crushing to reach for something with all your might and fall short! Yikes! This chart below is a great representation of why focusing on progress vs. perfection brings so much more satisfaction and positivity into the equation!

Where is your mindset????

Are you chasing a flawless CrossFit experience or are you looking to improve through the flaws?

Are you associating “the best” with pursuit of perfection or are you associating “your best” with the pursuit of progress?

Are you focusing on what others can do that you can’t….OR…are you genuinely really excited for them without downplaying your own performance?

Perfection can’t be reached BUT progress is waiting for you every single day at the gym!

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 9.04.13 PM.png

TOMORROW through THURSDAY we are having BAMF Days (Bring a Motivated Friend!) We only have 3 spots left for the Whole Life Challenge so if you’ve got someone in mind that is still interested, get them in for a good workout on one of those days and we can chat about filling the last slots!

WARM UP - Run 6 lengths, each time you get back to the front, speed up!!!
Lunges to Drinking Bird
Glute Bridges
Sit Ups

MOBILIZE - Partner Banded Hammy activation

STRENGTH - Deadlift
3, 3, 3


WOD - 4 Rounds For Time
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Cool Down - Accumulate 2 minutes of Superman hold

190110 - Throwback Thursday


WARM UP - Jog 10 lengths
Modified Bear Crawl (On your toes)
Light KB Around the Body
Light KB Figure 8
Light KB Russian Swings
Light KB American Swings
Max 1 min toe taps (Record on board)

MOBILIZE - Kettlebell Arm Bar
Modified Bretzel Stretch

COACH PREP - Try out Kettlebell Weights and Moves

2, 4, 6, 8. 10, 12 …. (continue in that pattern)
Kettlebell Swing 55/35
Right Single Arm Front Leg Lunge
Left Single Arm Front Leg Lunge
(If you put down the KB during a round, you must do 10 push ups before continuing)

1) Don’t do any push ups!

SKILL - 20 Running Man Drills
10 Box Weighted Pistols

190109 - Quote of the Week


? of the Day - Favorite movie as a kid?

WARM UP - 3 Rounds
200m row or ski
5 EB Front Squats
5 EB Press
5 EB Bent Over Row
3 Strict Pull Ups or Scaled Version for the WOD

MOBILITY - Barbell Roll shoulders and calves

Review Thrusters
Set Up Pull Up Spots

WOD - “Jackie”
1000m Row
50 EB Thrusters
30 Pull Ups (Bands)

20 Squats to Single Leg Stand
10 Pistols (Use one of the various scaling options we have used in the past two days - Box heel taps, Ball Stand, Banded…)

190108 - Tips Tuesday


? of the DAY - What is something people might think about you but isn’t true?

10 Calories
Double Under Practice (until 6 minutes after class starts)
Rope Pulls from the floor
DB Renegade Rows
DB Front Rack Lunges

Rope Climb Practice (Foot Locks)
Go over the steps to a Manmaker


3 Min. Max Rope Climbs
( Seated rope pulls or 1/2 climbs are the scaling today )
Rest 1:
3 Min. Max DB Manmakers 45-50/35
(push up, row, row, clean, push press, front rack, lunge, lunge)
Rest 1:
3 Min. Max Double Unders
( Tuck Jumps are the scaling option today, only for people with zero double unders! )

20 Single Leg Stands
20 Banded Pistols (if you’re close, band goes under your butt! If you’re close, hold the band in your hand!)

190107 - Motivation Monday


If you were at the 10 Year anniversary party, you already know the news about me (Coach Lo) becoming the official affiliate owner! If you weren’t there, now you know! :)
So what does this mean for you? Nothing really! Coach Michael will still be around coaching and doing his thang but slowly over time will be using his time more to enjoy his retirement by traveling and taking more time off! Until then, things won’t seem to change one bit for the athletes!

As the new owner of Choice City CrossFit, I want to make a couple of things known:

1.) I deeply care about each of you. While my attention is typically diverted into 100 different directions, so it might not seem like it all of the time, I DO CARE! Probably to a fault but please know that your well-being and happiness is not taken lightly with me.

2.) I want to be successful and I want you to be successful. That means continuing to build a community that will sustain a budget to buy bigger better equipment, update the facility, and create exciting extra programs so athletes can feel/see the benefits of the growth (…and on the plus side, also bring in some more livable cash flow for Michael and myself!)

3.) I need to hear constructive feedback. it is important to me to at the very least hear how things are going. If you don’t like something, don’t just pop smoke and peace out! Let me know, it’s the only way I can potentially amend the situation! Just keep in mind how much thoughtfulness and time goes into all of our decision making and execution of plans when considering your feedback! We are not perfect but we try our best!

4.) I am an athlete! I never want to give up my time as a CrossFitter! I want to practice what I preach! So that might mean that from time to time, I can’t answer your question or help you in a class because I have my metaphorical “athlete hat” on and I need that time to work on myself, for myself! I promise though, that there will always be someone knowledgable on staff to help you out in my place!

5.) I appreciate the hell out of ya! I 100% know that I cannot do this alone! That’s partially why I love CrossFit so much, it teaches us how much stronger we are together! I am grateful for the energy and love and support you all bring to me and to this community! Keep that shit up! :)

I will do my best to always do my best! Love you all Fit Fam!
- Lauren Ollila
Owner of Choice City CrossFit
( Eeeeeeeeee it’s fo real now! )


? of the Day - Best moment this weekend?

Reverse Ball Toss and Retrieve
Walking Lunges
Squat Side Walk

MOBLIZE - Banded Ankle Stretch
PVC Pass Thrus/OH Squats

PVC Snatch Prep

6 Snatches 95/65
6 Overhead Squats
6 Lateral Burpees


SKILL WORK - Pistols this week!!!! * pew pew *
(Also Known as Single Leg Squats)
20 Feet Together Squats
20 Box Heels Taps

190104 - In House Competition AND Holiday Party TOMORROW!

compeition time.gif

Tomorrow starting at 8am we are hosting our In-House competition! Please get here a little early so we can start on time! If everything goes according to plan, we will be done no later than 12:45! We’ve spent a lot of time planning this to make it challenging but doable and fun! GET EXCITED!!!

IF you can stay after the competition to help decorate, we would be forever grateful for the assistance!


The 10 Year Anniversary Party starts at 7pm! We will have the taco bar all set up and ready to dig in! DON’T FORGET to bring a wrapped pair of socks for the exchange! We will probably get festivities and activities going shortly after 8pm so try not to be toooooooo fashionably late you lovely people!

We can’t wait to celebrate this big occasion with ya’ll! It’s been a good 10 years and there will be many good times to come!

The Mask Party Time.gif

? OF THE DAY - What is your favorite part about CrossFit?

Circle Up Tag
Push Ups
Banded Pull Aparts
Banded Overhead Press

MOBILITY - Banded Foam Roll Shoulder Stretch


Review barbell movements and then do 5 of each EB in the order of the WOD and 5 of each with WOD weight in the order.

20 min. (30 sec. on and 30 sec. rest)
1 - Seated Strict Press 75/55
2 - Floor Press
3 - Windshield Wipers
4 - Evil Wheels

190103 - Throwback Thursday


For some folks, every day at CCCF is science class. We teach Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Biomechanics, Exercise Sport Science, Dietetics and Nutrition and more!

A chemistry term that I consistently use in relation to adding weight is titrate (or titration). Titration is the act of slowly adding solution #1 drop by drop to solution #2 to precisely measure the minimum amount of solution #1 that makes a reaction. 

In our case, the reaction is completing the workout safely, with correct biomechanics (until fatigue sets in and the inevitable breakdown occurs), and within the timeframe of the workout. 

On the board you'll often see a weight that is "prescribed" (or RX) for the particular workout. Sometimes this weight is outside the individual athlete's current ability and that's where smart scaling comes in. What we'd like to avoid is the athlete just throwing it on the bar and trying to go HAM for HAM's sake. Just working out hard for the sake of working out hard isn't training, it's working. We want to train towards specific goals. 

The best approach, especially in the time gap between Strength/Skill and the WOD is to really work the ranges of motion and lifts required at low weight and slowly titrate them up to the RX if possible. If it's not possible then we still have a smart and well reasoned load at which to do the work. 

Don't go Hard as M (HAM). Get Smart as M (SAM!)

? OF THE DAY - What was the first thing you learned how to cook?

with a partner
2 Rounds
Partner 1 - 200m row
Partner 2 -
10 DB Bent Over Row (Go light, it’s the warm up!)
10 DB Strict Press

Wrist Rotations

4 Rounds
2 minutes each
250 meter row
Max Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Press 45-50/35
Rest 2:00

If you have 3 strict HSPU then you will be working on kipping
If you are still working on HSPU/Handstands/Headstands, then you will be doing shoulder taps! Start in a plank, box plank, and wall walks.

190102 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


Surrounding yourself with people who will keep you feeling alive and fresh and motivated is important to your success! If you are constantly around Debbie Downers who think going to the gym is a waste of time and 5 more beers won’t hurt…. that behavior and mindset will spoil yours.


? OF THE DAY - How do you deal with negative emotions?

WARM UP - 15 calories of cardio
Grab a 45# Plate and place it in front of you!
Lunge + Stand + Lunge + Reach
Ankle Stretch on the plate
Squats with one foot on the plate
Side Hip Stretch

Prep Back Squat Form
Practice unweighted 1 1/4 squats

WOD - 1 1/4 Back Squat
Work up to heavy 2 reps
10EB, 5, 4, 2, 2, 2…


”Flower” by Moby
(Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down)
with Back Squats 75/55

5 Wall Walks
10 Strict Handstand Push Ups
(Scale to a 15 box with an ab mat)

190101 - First Day of 2019! (Normal Hours!)


? OF THE DAY - Big goal for 2019?

WARM UP - 1 min of cardio and 1 min of jumping rope
Then 2 rounds of…
6 squats
6 squat hops to target
3 Strict pull ups or bar rows

Banded Chest Pulls
Banded Abductor Activation

COACH PREP - Chest to Bar prep
1 minute of Double Under Practice

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
24 Air Squats
36 Double Unders
Rest 2 minutes
12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
24 Air Squats
36 Double Unders

SKILL - (See pictures below)
10 Pike Push Ups
5 Box Clocks

The easiest way to get better at handstand anything, is to get upside down often and get comfortable being inverted! There’s tons of ways to do that where your full body weight isn’t completely over your head and therefore less scary!


181231 - Last day of 2018 - Motivation Monday


Hey gang,
Michael here.
Hope this finds you well and happy!
10 years.
I started doing workouts from CrossFit.com in 2004. After I was retired from the Army, I decided to get back into it and got my certification in February of 2008. Started unofficially training folks from May of 2008, then officially affiliated in December of 2008.
Over the years, we’ve gone from a 2 car garage at my house (Hi T!), through 3 other spaces, to a great facility with a super landlord and great neighbors with a backyard, a fire pit and a hatchet range!
I’ve gambled it all, selling things I own to keep the doors open, gone without significant off time for years at a time, seen members come and go, seen kids grow up to be adults, and had “friends” come and go. I’ve seen the opening of no less than 12 other CrossFit gyms in the town alone. I’ve done this thing longer than my first enlistment in the Army. We’ve started businesses out of our little community, seen families start and made lifelong friendships over fitness.
Now we’re doing great. We’ve got a solid group of folks and a superb community of like-minded individuals. Our coaching team is expanding and we’re heading into 2019 with a lot of momentum.
I’d like very much for us to keep that up.
Thanks to everyone that’s made this an experience.
10 years.
Who knows where we can go from here!

WARM UP - Run Down and Back x 6
Down Dog with Calf March
Push Ups
Inchworms with walk up and step back
Push Ups
Single Leg Touches
Push Ups
Over the Fence

Hamstring Pole Stretch

Deadlift Prep
Warm Up to heaviest WOD weight, then deload and set up weights

WOD - For Time
21 - 15 - 9
Push Ups
(Increasing in weight for each round)

GOAL for the WOD -

1) Unbroken deadlifts in each set! This is going to be a challenge but the goal is to push the amount of reps you can do without letting go!
2) Perfect Push Ups! This will take a while! Let it take a while! Use this time to rest your hands and hammies for the next set of deadlifts!

2 sets of max effort Seated EB Press
4 minutes of headstand practice
(If you can do :30 hold of a headstand, move on to handstand practice!)
(If you can do :30 hold of a handstand, move on to handstand negatives to an ab mat)

181228 - FYF

Doing it in the dark. Burpee box jumps and box jump-overs!

Doing it in the dark. Burpee box jumps and box jump-overs!

2 rounds
10 calories or 50 DUs
10 foam roller thrusters
10 squat thrusts
10 bar rows

Overhead band dangle
Scorpion and can can holds
Barbell ankle mob.

Coach Prep
EB Press, front squat, thruster, cleans
Pull-up prep and setup, kip practice
Box jump strategery

”Fight Club”
3 Rounds, 1 minute each, 1 minute rest between rounds
Thrusters 75/55
Power Cleans 75/55
Box Jump Overs 24”/20”
Echo Bike Calories

181227 - Throwback Thursday

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 6.59.49 PM.png

As a coach, my biggest challenge is keeping people on the right track. We have literally hundreds of movements and variations for which to work out the correct biomechanics. We have to then modify each position for the individual athlete's body type and relative arm, leg and torso lengths. Once the athlete has a modicum of success at a movement, they often want to go as fast as possible or lift as much as they can, biomechanics be damned. My job, and the most important part of my job is to hold them back.
Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit with Lauren Jenai) always stated that virtuosity is the key. Being uncommonly good at the common. What do your air squats look like? Perfect? What does your front squat look like? Perfect? Do you understand the mechanism of the clean? Then and only then should you be really attempting a 1 rep max on your clean. At CCCF we get folks who watch high-performing athletes on You Tube and decide that they're ready for that level of competition or weight or intensity. Then I look like the asshole when I say, not yet.

Patience you must have, my young Padawan
— Jedi Master Yoda

Let's look at some numbers: Hours trained per person per week. The most we have in our gym is 6. Rich Froning gets that in one and a quarter days. Chris Spealler is 5'5", weighs 151 and has a 285 Clean and Jerk. How many in our gym have that? Yeah, right. Am I being a party pooper and saying you can't do it? No, hell no. What I am saying is that Mechanics > Consistency > Intensity. What are the mechanics of the lift or movement? If I have to "remind you" of what the movement is, then you probably don't have the mechanics down nor have you become consistent with those mechanics. Does your power clean outmatch your clean? (and if you just asked if I meant "squat" clean or equate the power clean with a hang clean, then ditto).

Here's the question you have to ask yourself. What is the point of my training? If you don't have a point, then you can't have goals. If you don't have goals, then why are you trying to be the fastest person on the board? Here's a pro-tip: If you scale any portion of the workout, then you are not in a position to go fast. If you scale, then something's not right. Is it too heavy? Work on strength. Is it too complex? Break it down and work on the pieces, then put it together.  Bottom line is if it's not right, then it just gets worse as you fatigue. If it's bad you can get hurt. Thing is, is that I like you guys. And I don't want you to get hurt. It's absolutely your prerogative to get hurt if you want to, but I'd prefer that you didn't.

Here's how you're going to get to intensity. You're going to learn. You're going to practice until you become proficient in the movements associated with CrossFit. You do it with reasonable load until you can perfect it with that reasonable load and then you increase the load incrementally. Once in a while, you check 1RMs. Like during our quarterly CrossFit Total or internal weightlifting meets. Once your mechanics break down at the limits of your abilities, it's time to check yourself and go back to repeating the mechanics until you're proficient with that new, presumably heavier load.
That goes for complex bodyweight movements as well. If you haven't done the work on dead hang pull-ups, why are you kipping? If you can't hardly do a pull-up or a dip, why are you trying to muscle-up? If you don't care about CrossFit competition, why are you doing kipping muscle-ups or kipping handstand push-ups anyway? You should be building the strength necessary to do those movements in a static manner. Read Foundations to see just what the breadth of knowledge can and should be!

Like I said. It's my job to teach you correct movement, insist on correct movement, develop you as an athlete and provide as much information as possible to get you to your fitness goals. Sometimes, it's through holding you back. I'm not hamstringing you because it's how I get my jollies, it's because I owe it to you to get you to the finish line in one piece and keep you as an athlete for life. 

2 rounds
10 lunges
10 inchworms in place
5 wall squats
5 wall-walks

PVC pass thrus
KB shoulder reset
Banded hip: Forward and lateral distraction

Coach Prep
Lunge form and practice
Overhead position work
Hang squat clean thruster work

5 mins max distance on 10m course
2 DBs or KBs 25/15
5 lunges
5 push presses
Rest 2:00
3 mins max DB/KB hang squat clean thruster
Rest 2:00
2 mins max distance DB/KB bear crawls

181226 - Quote of the Week Wednesday

12 Days of Fitmas in action. Homies, visitors, family, all suffering for pie and camaraderie.

12 Days of Fitmas in action. Homies, visitors, family, all suffering for pie and camaraderie.

There is a ten-year window of improvement in CrossFit regardless of age
— Greg Glassman

Question of the Day: What was your first car (or motorcycle or bicycle)

10 calories
2 Rounds of:
5 Wall Squats
5 Goblet squats
5 Romanian deadlifts
5 Single-arm overhead press per arm
5 Pull-ups
Use appropriate KB or DB for ability, limiting lift is single-arm overhead press

PVC Pass thrus
Accumulate 2 minutes in the bottom of the squat
Add barbell across knees for 1 minute
Hold OHS position with PVC for 1 minute

Coach Prep
EB OHS position work

10 Minute Cap
Buy-in 50% bodyweight in calories on the row/Echo bike (not Airdyne)/ski
Max rep Overhead Squat 75/55 RX+ 95/65
Buy-out post Cap:
100 double unders or tuck jumps

Post WOD
EMOM 5: Max strict pull-ups