180523 - Quote of the Week Wednesday -


The road can be rocky my friends. Don't let bumps and potholes be your downfall. You have three choices
1 - you can keep going to weather those tough spots
2 - you can get out to fill/fix/repair what is stopping you
3 - you can give up and turn around in which case you may never make it to your goal destination! Which option will you choose when things get rough? 


Snatch Prep and Work

10 Squat Snatches 95/65
10 Overhead Squats
10 Backsquat
10 Snatch Balance

180522 - Tips Tuesday - How to "MURPH"


ON SATURDAY, we take on the workout "MURPH" named after Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was KIA in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. This workout was one of the favorites for Lt. Murphy but he used to call it "Body Armor". Now this WOD is one of the most popular to honor the fallen and was featured several times in the Crossfit games.
The actual workout itself is:
1 Mile Run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run
While wearing a weighted vest 20/14

We will run people at 8am and 10am! Please RSVP on Zen Planner!

Here's some tips on how to get through this awesome WOD:
1) Follow the progression properly!
Normally, we recommend that people do it partitioned first AND even multiple times before trying to do it unpartitioned. This means that you will break it up into smaller chunks of work instead of going straight through. (Example: 20 sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats). Once you've done it this way a few times, then move on to unbroken/straight through, THEN move on to partitioned with the weight vest, and finally....Rx.

4) Find a good pace!
Especially on the first run, don't go all out! You've still got a lot to do, so keep it to a good pace but don't go so hard that it takes you minutes to recover and get on that bar. Once you get to the bar, find a pace that you can keep up and be steady with. Even when it's unpartitioned, break the work up into manageable sets! (And don't forget chips for counters....) 

3) Prep your body!
Make sure you are hydrating, eating plenty of good food fuel, and sleeping on Friday! This will matter when you body digs down deep in the tank during this long endurance workout. 

4) Remember why you're doing it!
When you feel like stopping or thoughts of how difficult this is creep into your mind, remember the WHY of this workout. Lt. Michael Murphy gave the ultimate sacrifice along with so many others, this workout is to honor him so let that be your motivator!


20 minutes to find your Bench Press 1 REP MAX
20 minutes to find your Back Squat 1 REP MAX

180521 - Motivation Monday - 1RM Week!


Today and tomorrow we are retesting our ONE REP MAXES with our Wendler lifts
If your lifts do not increase, please don't despair! 

5/3/1 is a program made to build raw and pure strength NOT necessarily increase the amount you can lift one time. If your squat goes from 225 x 6 to 225 x 9, you've gotten stronger.

Wendler himself even said, "5/3/1 is set up to allow you to break a variety of repetition records throughout the year. Notice that it's "rep records" and not "one-rep max." Most people live and die by their one-rep max. To me, this is foolish and short sighted."

So remember that this week as we retest! IF you increase your max, CONGRATS! You've grown more comfortable with the lifts, your form has improved, and you have gotten stronger....IF you don't you've still gotten all of those things too! 


20 minutes to find your Strict Press 1 REP MAX
20 minutes to find your Deadlift 1 REP MAX

180517 - Soapbox Thursday - Community


com·mu·ni·ty /kəˈmyo͞onədē/ noun

  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

    synonyms: group, body, set, circle, clique, faction; 

  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Don't forget where you come from. You were once the new person. You were the guy/girl that hung out in the corner before and after class, sipping on your water bottle, trying to break into the clique and make an impression. Then either you said something funny, or one of the coaches pointed out that you had something(s) in common with someone else, and over time, you became a full-fledged member of the gang. 
Our community is built upon the acceptance of people from all walks of life, from all socioeconomic groups, levels of education, levels of athleticism and fitness, all ages and the continuum of weirdness. 
We can get wrapped up in comfort with our small circles of acquaintances and friends or putting your nose in your phone as soon as the workout is over and forget what this is all about. Reach out, say hi, draw people into your conversations.
Be the person that draws people in instead of pushing people away.
Reach out to the new folks and some of the old that you haven't met. 

We'll continue to be the better for it. 

On a related note, reach out to your friends at other gyms. You don't have to convert them, just let them know how much you appreciate how tight and supportive we are. They can decide if that's what they want. Some folks don't know what making lifelong friends due to their gym feels like. 

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ Lightweight
5 @ 75% 
3 @ 85%
1+ @ 95%
(Percentages based on 90% of 1RM) 

(w/ a partner switch off movements) 
12 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 125/95
8 Hand Release Push-Ups
(400m Run buy-out) 

180515 - Tip Tuesday - Rope Climb Pull-Up


For people that want to learn rope climbing but only get a few minutes of practice before a workout then default to rope pulls or sled pulls in the WOD, there's not a lot of time to pattern in the foot wrap! SOOOOO, you can scale by doing a rope climb pull-up in the workout! 

Here's an example of the foot wrap. 
1) Shoe laces to the rope on one side.
2) Wrap the other leg around and hook the heel.
3) Keep feet parallel and push them together. 

Rope Climb Foot Wrap.jpg

How to Rope Climb Pull-Up:
1) Hang from the pull-up bar with rope between legs.
2) Perform foot wrap.
3) Stand Up, trying to focus on legs standing NOT arms pulling. 

Rope Climb Foot Wrap Pull Up.jpg

WOD - For Time: 
EB Thrusters
2 Rope Climbs in between each Thruster set and at the end! 

180514 - Motivation Monday - Let go!


IMAGINE for me...a half empty water bottle in your hand!
What does it weigh? Barely anything right!? Super light! 
It wouldn't be a big deal to hold on to it for a while. 
What if you held onto it for an hour....two hours....five hours....? 
It would start to get heavy, except the weight didn't actually change, it just feels that way. 
Now let's talk about 24 hours of holding on to this thing....
You might be on the verge of tears, hand cramping, suffering...
This THING that weighed an insignificant amount, is now SO HEAVY. 
All you had to do was LET GO, but you didn't and it just kept getting WORSE! 

Sometimes, things that seem so small only get bigger because we won't let go. 
If you've been holding on to something, maybe now is the time and this is your sign to...

Frozen Let it Go.png

STRENGTH - Strict Press
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1+ @ 95%
(Of 90% of 1RM) 

"1/2 Jack" 
AMRAP 10: 
10 Push Presses 95/65
10 KB Swings 55/35
10 Box Jumps 24/20

180510 - Soapbox Thursday


I had a pretty good rant lined up for today and decided to change gears a bit. 

We always talk about Intensity with a capital I when it comes to getting the most out of your fitness. But we often fail at explaining what that looks like. 
For each person it's different, but there are some universal truths:
If you can carry on a conversation, it is not intense
If you can and do gawk around, it is not intense
If you feel like you're going to pass out, it is too intense
If you stop and drink water in a 7 minute workout, it is not intense
If you feel like you're going to puke, it is too intense
If you can roll your eyes and complain mid-workout, it is not intense
If you complain about it being too hard after you've successfully completed the workout, it is just right. 

In order to get to where you want to be, you have to assume some discomfort. Nothing comes free. Everyone wants to be lazy and fit and it just doesn't happen. 

I can write ridiculous platitudes like "Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body" or "Go Hard or Go Home" but all that is bullshit. 

Work hard, give it your all and reap the rewards. Or don't. But don't be disappointed in the results you don't earn by work you don't do. 

Strength - Bench Press
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%
(Of 90% of 1RM) 

1 Pull-Up
1 Hand Release Push Up
1 Squat
Rest :10
(Add 1 rep to each movement per round) 

180508 - Tips Tuesday - What is that KETO thing?


What is KETO? 

The "Keto" diet was originally created by a doctor trying to fight seizures in his patients but now it is used as a diet for rapid weight loss particularly in hospital settings and was further popularized in the 90's under the name "The Adkins Diet." The body must be in a state of Ketosis for this process to be effective. Ketosis happens in a low carb (less than 50 grams) high protein diet, which causes your body to run out of glucose (it's main fuel source) and instead start breaking down protein and fats for energy. The resulting molecules are called ketone bodies and fuel the muscles and brain. This entire process can in turn cause weight loss.

So basically, you can eat meat based protein and healthy fats. You can only consume 40-50 grams per day  (3 slices of bread or a cup of low-fat fruit yogurt or two small bananas). If you happen to eat over your daily allotted carbohydrates then your body directly goes back into using it as fuel source, in which case it will take another 3-4 days in healthy individuals to kick start the ketosis process again.     

STRENGTH - Strict Press
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%
(Of 90% of 1RM) 

WOD - 4 Rounds for time
200m Run
12 Box Jump Overs
(Getting ready for that Murph run!) 

180507 - Motivation Monday - Community WOD this SAT!

THIS SATURDAY starting at 8am we are hosting our 2nd FREE Community Workout! 
This includes:
-Free Childcare from 7:45-9:30 for ages 3-12
-Free CrossFit Kids class for ages 5-12 after the adult WOD
-Free donuts from our friends at Peace, Love, and Little Donuts! 
-Free massages for mommas from Kristina Sara Mohn for Mother's Day! 

If you have people in your lives asking what CrossFit is or has shown interest in trying it out, NOW IS THE TIME! We even have "business cards" with all of our info and community WOD dates on it, so please feel free to take a couple and spread the word! 

KEEP in MIND! The more awesome people we can get to join our fit fam, the more exciting things we can do for you like new fun equipment, big fun events, and HOPEFULLY an outdoor workout area that we can use all summer! Thanks for your hard work in making our community what it is, let's keep it growing! 


Strength - Deadlift
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%
(Of 90% of 1RM) 

WOD - For Time
30 - 20 - 10
Russian Kettlebell Swings
Jump Lunges

180503 - Soapbox Thursday - "Cheaters" from The CrossFit Journal


An Open Letter to Cheaters (from the CrossFit Journal)

Admit it: You’ve shaved a rep.

Maybe you’ve even shaved entire rounds off workouts.

You might have even lied about loads or times.

Guess what: Your coach noticed. And so did the other people in the class.

Thankfully, cheaters are relatively rare in CrossFit, perhaps because “so much of repugnant behavior is about trying to get something for nothing, and the CrossFitters inherently don’t believe that it’s possible,” as CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman said in 2009.

But physical suffering can erode loosely rooted morality, and we all know cheaters exist. By bending or breaking the rules, you can reduce or end the pain and perhaps take a whiteboard win, which can be very tempting when a grueling workout demands everything you have and some things you don’t. All athletes have come face to face with the moral dilemma of the 145th wall-ball shot that didn’t quite hit the line during Karen. A choice must be made at that point, and it’s sometimes hard to make the right one. But everyone in the community expects you to man and woman up by replacing the short shot with a good rep.

No moral gray area: Count it if it’s above the line. Don’t count it if it’s not. (John Maguire)

Coaches most definitely understand that sometimes you forget which round you’re in. It happens. We know that sometimes you accidentally write the wrong load or time on the whiteboard because your brain isn’t functioning correctly after a screaming match with Fran. We’re aware that you can’t always tell if you squatted below parallel exactly 300 times during Cindy. These are honest mistakes made by honest people.

But some athletes cheat. On purpose. Regularly.

And when you cheat, it is most assuredly noticed.

Maybe your dishonesty wasn’t noticed right away, and maybe you didn’t hear the discussion after you put your score on the board and left. But eventually your peers and your trainers figured you out. It doesn’t take too many “weren’t you ahead of him?” conversations to solve the mystery without the crime lab.

Here’s some info: Facebook hosts a group for CrossFit affiliate owners, and it’s almost 10,000 strong. In that group, trainers discuss all sorts of things, from cleaning gym mats to teaching muscle-ups. Despite the overwhelmingly large number of honest people in any gym, you usually don’t have to scroll very far to see a post like this: “An athlete at my gym is cheating, and members and coaches are starting to complain. It’s ruining the atmosphere. What do I do?”

Let it be said again: If you cheat, your coach noticed. You have fooled no one.

Adrian “Boz” Bozman didn’t see your shallow squat, but he definitely knows about it, and he is very disappointed. (Alicia Anthony/CrossFit Journal)

How did your coach catch you? Coaches know approximately how long it takes to complete certain workouts. Coaches also know your current abilities and level of fitness. When an athlete posts a score outside the expected range, a coach notices. That score might mean an athlete suddenly had a breakthrough—like Awkward Dude’s legendary set of 50 unbroken double-unders that came from nowhere and cut a full 10 minutes off his Filthy Fifty time. But in general, athlete progression follows a pattern any coach can see, and anomalies stand out. Big time.

Coaches also know how long it takes to do 21 thrusters, for example. It’s just an ability we’ve acquired after watching 2 million reps. Beyond that, we know every movement has a maximum cycle time. Even Ben Smith can only go so fast. When you’re working through 30 wall-ball shots to 10 ft. and you roll on to the next movement after 35 seconds, alarm bells go off in our heads because physics won’t allow that time. We’ve also coached three classes in a row, so we know that your rest break couldn’t possibly allow you to beat the guy who went unbroken two hours ago.

We sense disturbances in The Force, young Jedi.

Further, competitive athletes always count each other’s reps, either by absentminded habit, as a spot check or as part of an attempt to game your time and beat your ass. If you’re training at the end of the 5-p.m. class, it’s guaranteed your reps are being counted by a rival who arrived for the session at 6. Believe it, and rest assured that someone noticed your set of 17 kettlebell swings in the final round of Helen.

Some coaches attack the problem head on and simply tell athletes their scores aren’t correct. This, of course, addresses the issue but often leads to emphatic denials, arguments and bad feelings. Other coaches soft-sell it by questioning the athlete to see if the correct score was written on the board, which often leads to resentment and bad feelings. Some coaches ignore the issue because the athlete is ultimately cheating only him- or herself, but this, too, leads to bad feelings in members who note injustice on the leaderboard. Some coaches stand beside suspicious athletes and count their reps out loud, which usually leads to bad feelings and a lack of attention paid to other clients in the class.

The obvious point is that cheating causes bad feelings. You’re breaking the contract that binds all members of the community: We put a number on the board, you do that many reps, then you tell us how long it took. Accept a high five and have a protein shake. Same time tomorrow.

But some people cheat. They cheat because they’re lazy, they cheat because they want to win, they cheat because they lack moral character and don’t see the problem, they cheat because they’re embarrassed about their current fitness level, and so on. The reasons are endless—and they’re all bullshit.

So let it be said once more: We all notice when you cheat.

And we want you to stop.

About the Author: Mike Warkentin is the managing editor of the CrossFit Journal and the founder of CrossFit 204.

Cheat Quote.jpg

STRENGTH - Back Squat
5 @65%
5 @75%
5+ @ 85% of your 1RM

WOD - EMOM 10: 
M1 - 5 Overhead Squats + 3 Burpees over the bar 95/65
M2 - 35 Double Unders or 20 Lateral Hops over the bar

180501 - Tips Tuesday - Knee Sleeves


Here's the nitty gritty on KNEE SLEEVES (the neoprene kind): 

  • Their purpose is to keep the joint warm and give proprioception feedback to your joints for proper placement especially during a fatigued state. 
  • A knee sleeve CANNOT heal prior injuries or support joints! 
  • IF you are going to wear them, it is best to put them on during the warm-up! If they are meant to keep the joint warm but you put them on right before the workout, they can't perform their function! ALSO, if they are meant to help you get into a better position, then you should warm-up with them on so that the movement pattern can be solidified! 
  • Knee Sleeves can be a band-aid on a root issue so make sure you don't rely on them! Keep mobilizing and doing dynamic warm ups!
  • Wash them regularly...they easily get stinky! 
knee sleeves.jpg

WHICH ONES SHOULD I GET? (You might be asking yourself!) 

Rehbands are the most well known brand in CrossFit Land. ($40 each) 

Bear Komplex is a cheaper brand and still well known. ($50 per pair) 

EXO sleeves come in fun colors and are a more slim straight fit. ($50 per pair) 

ROCK TAPE has tons of support products but not many sleeve options. ($30-$50 per pair) 

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 Light load (less than 50% 1RM)
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
5+ @ 85% 1RM

WOD - w/ a Partner
Complete and split the work evenly and however you'd like! 
100 KB Swings
100 Wallballs

180430 - Motivation Monday - Find Your Mantra!


What are you telling yourself while you workout? What do you say in order to keep your mind from giving up? How do you encourage yourself? What does your inner "during the WOD" monologue? Not sure what to say??? Here's some ideas!

  • "You can do anything for one minute!" 
  • "Just one rep. One more. One more! ONE MORE!" 
  • "It ain't shit!" 
  • "Don't quit! Don't be that guy/girl!" 
  • "You wanted this!" 
  • "The faster you finish, the less time you suffer!" 
  • "1, 2, 3, get back in the game!" 
  • "You got it bro/brah!" 
  • "Make it count!" 
  • "Here's where the magic happens!' 
  • "FINISH IT (said like Mortal Kombat)!" 

STRENGTH - Strict Press
10 EB
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
5+ @ 85%

WOD - 1 mile run!
This is Murph prep so please don't skip today, we promise it will help make those 2 miles of that workout better if you come and do this one mile now! Take this on like any workout, one step/rep/movement at a time! You can do it! If you plan on wearing a weight vest during Murph, do it today too. 

180427 - FYF - Tabata Gone Bad


WOD - "Tabata Gone Bad"
8 Rounds Each of :20 work and :10 rest
1 minute rest between stations
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
DB Anchored Weighted Sit-Ups 35/25 (Plate) 
Plyo Push-Ups on Plate (One hand on and one off, walk or jump hands over to other side) 
Jumping EB Back Squats
Row or Bike or Ski for Cal

Score is a total of all of the lowest number of reps you completed in movement! ----> If my C2B pull-ups went something like... 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 THEN my score is 1 for that movement! Consistency and pacing is KEY! 

180426 - Soapbox Thursday


I'm stepping off the Soapbox this week to cordially invite you to join us on Saturday, May 26th, at 8AM for a Choice City CrossFit tradition (Our 10th year running). We will perform one workout that day, a tribute to Navy Lt. Michael P. "Murph" Murphy (SEAL). All are welcome to Memorial Day Murph.

Murph was a leader of men. While on a reconnaissance mission with his team in the mountains of Afghanistan, he and his team were compromised by a few goatherds. Rather than kill them on the spot, Murph let them go, a humanitarian gesture that would eventually take his and two of his teammates lives, as well as the lives of the team and helicopter crew dispatched to rescue them.

During the intense firefight, Michael Murphy did the unthinkable and got into a clearing, away from cover (stops bullets) and concealment (hides you from the enemy) to make a critical satellite phone call to ask for help. He reported his team's location while under attack, and after dropping the phone while returning fire, he picked it up and said "Thank you." Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz and Matt Axelson died in that firefight. Marcus Luttrell survived with severe injuries and the help of a local. 

Murph was posthumously awarded nation's highest award for bravery, the Medal of Honor. 

Each year on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, we take some time out of our schedules and do his favorite workout he called "Body Armor." CrossFit has renamed it "Murph" in his honor and introduced it and his story to thousands of CrossFitters and people alike. 

“Body Armor” aka "Murph"
Complete the following for time:

1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

We've been doing prep work during our FYF workouts for the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so up until game day. 

All are welcome. We have a number of scaling options for everything in the workout. Drop by to workout (or support those that do.) Each person that completes the Murph, scaled or not receives a special American flag CCCF Skully sticker as is tradition. We will have a grill set up and lots of meats (Thanks Team Camarillo!), so BYOB and a side to share! 
If you’re coming, make it Facebook official here.

See you this Memorial Day weekend!

3 Cleans 145/115
3 Handstand Push-Ups
(Increase by 3 HSPU in each round!)