181120 - Tip Tuesday - Sleep!


Recently, I’ve heard a lot of conversations that turn into contests in how much sleep people DON’T get! That’s right! People trying to one-up each other in the teeny tiny amount of hours they get to sleep. This is nothing to brag about my friends! Sleep is crucial to your performance at the gym, good eating habits, fighting off anxiety/depression, mental productivity/focus, keeping your immune system healthy, and promotes positive social interactions! So let’s take away the…
“Well, I only got 4 hours of sleep!”
“Oh yeah, well I get up at 1pm, 3pm, and 4pm every single night!”
”I never get more than 5 hours, so there!”
AND INSTEAD, let’s start working towards better sleep habits! Below is a chart of how much people of different ages need to get. Find your bracket and start getting there! Your body and mind depend on it! There’s also tips below on how to get started making changes! :)


Straight from the National Sleep Foundation! 6 ways to improve your sleep! :)

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. This helps to regulate your body's clock and could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night. 

  2. Practice a  relaxing bedtime ritual. A relaxing, routine activity right before bedtime conducted away from bright lights helps separate your sleep time from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety which can make it more difficult to fall asleep, get sound and deep sleep or remain asleep. 

  3. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid naps, especially in the afternoon. Power napping may help you get through the day, but if you find that you can't fall asleep at bedtime, eliminating even short catnaps may help. 

  4. Exercise daily. Vigorous exercise is best, but even light exercise is better than no activity. Exercise at any time of day, but not at the expense of your sleep. 

  5. Evaluate your room. Design your sleep environment to establish the conditions you need for sleep. Your bedroom should be cool –  between 60 and 67 degrees. Your bedroom should also be free from any noise that can disturb your sleep. Finally, your bedroom should be free from any light. Check your room for noises or other distractions. This includes a bed partner's sleep disruptions such as snoring. Consider using blackout curtains, eye shades, ear plugs, "white noise" machines, humidifiers, fans and other devices. 

  6. Sleep on a comfortable  mattress and  pillows. Make sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive. The one you have been using for years may have exceeded its life expectancy – about 9 or 10 years for most good quality mattresses. Have comfortable pillows and make the room attractive and inviting for sleep but also free of allergens that might affect you and objects that might cause you to slip or fall if you have to get up

WARM UP - Fishing Game or Mobilize while you wait for a rower (Gorilla Squats, Z Sit, Banded Abductor)
Using your score from the fishing game (x)
0-500 = 5
501-1000 = 3
1001-1500 = 1

2 Rounds of
X Burpees
X Squat Hops
X Burpees
X Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

COACH PREP - Back Squats Warm Up

WOD - For max reps
3 minute - Back Squat 125/95
Rest 1:
3 minute - Row for Calories
Rest 1:
2 minute - Back Squat 125/95
Rest 1:
2 minute - Row for Calories
Rest 1:
1 minute - Back Squat 125/95
Rest 1:
1 minute - Row for Calories

1.) - We are looking to see anywhere between 10-15 in each minute on those squats! If for some reason you can’t either get there or maintain that, then scaling needs to happen from the beginning on the weight (45%ish of 1RM)! In the same way, if you are going to blow that number out of the water by getting 20-30 in each minute, let’s talk about scaling that weight up!

2.) - The second goal is to do your best to keep good form while still pushing through to work the entire given time period. This is going to require some mental grit and pacing! Much like yesterday, it’s better to stand there for five more seconds so you can keep that bar in your hand for the long haul!

181119 - Motivation Monday! - Upcoming Events!

Winter Events Post.jpg

Hey gang!!! Happiest of Mondays!!!
MARK YOU CALENDARS because we’ve got TONS of good stuff coming up!

(Thursday, November 22nd) - Thanksgiving Day we will have MORNING CLASSES ONLY @ 6am, 7am, 9am, and 10am

(Saturday, December 1st) - “Jingle All the Weights” CrossFit Competition at Fort Collins CrossFit
We have 2 teams competing that day so go cheer them on! See the facebook event for more details! [Rick & Laura - Team Mudpuppies AND Lolo & Stephen - Team Puhrumpahpumped]

(Sunday, December 2nd) - Gym Deep Clean @ 10am
We are providing Mimosas and Manmosas along with donuts `for everyone that comes to help us disinfect and scrub down every surface of the gym! If you’ve got extra cleaning supplies, we would greatly appreciate some donations there as well!

(Saturday, December 22nd) - Community WOD “12 Days of Barbell Christmas” PLUS PIE BREAKFAST @ 7am, 8:30am, and 10am
We are inviting everyone and anyone to join us for a tough workout followed by a delicious pie breakfast! If you are coming and have the means, we would love to have everyone bring a different kind of pie to share! We will create a sign up once it gets closer!

(Saturday, January 5th) - In-House CCCF Competition @ 9am and Holiday 10 Year Anniversary Party @ 7pm
In the morning, we will meet for a “Mad Hatter” competition as a community! EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to participate! There will be prizes for the top 3 female and males plus spirit and team player awards! This will be a family friendly event so invite family and friends to see how you CrossFit!
That SAME night we are going to get into our fanciest gala attire and come back to the winter wonderland our gym will become! We will have a photo booth, sock exchange, games, food, festivities, and fun! Keep your eyes out around December for more details!

Tabata In-Out hops
2 rounds
10 each
plate squat front raise 15/10
plate squat press
plate thruster

Track leg swings
Sprinter’s lunge into pigeon
Thread the needle
Side lying book opener

Coach Prep
Front squat position
Loading/unloading hamstrings for thruster
Overhead position
Double-Unders/Tuck jumps

WOD - Time Cap 20:00
10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters, 95/65
35 double-unders

Optional Buy-Out
Accumulate 40 DB Clean
Cool Down
10 Down-dog to Cobra

181116 - FYF


Warm Up
10 Calories x1
3 rounds of
5 static inchworms
5 wall squats
5 goblet squats
5 Russian KB swings

10 PVC pass-thrus
30 sec each side Samson Stretch

30 Hand Stand Push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell Swings 55/35
60 Abmat Sit-ups
70 Burpees

Goal for today is A) Suffer. B) work on the hardest version of scaled HSPU and pull-ups possible. You should not be ripping through the scaled version of anything. We want folks to finish between 18-25 minutes with 25 being the cut-off. Everything is tough, but the burpees are a real mind…game. Head down, get down and get back up an it’ll be all over soon.
18-25 minutes of hard hard work and the rest of your day will be easy-peasy.

181115 - Double Strength Day


Warm- Up
Plate Circuit x4
Plate Rock Paper Scissors

”Double Strength Day”
20 minutes to complete each strength activity

Bench Press Prep
5 Hand Release Push-Ups
5 EB Glute Bridge
5 EB floor press
10 EB bench press with plates under your feet and bench set up properly
3-3-3-3-3 Bench Press
(You will work up to a heavy/challenging set of 3 then do that weight for 5 sets)

Deadlift Prep
5 Drinking Birds on Each Side
5 EB Glute Bridges
5 EB behind the neck good mornings
10 EB deadlifts
3-3-3-3-3 Deadlift
(You will work up to a heavy/challenging set of 3 then do that weight for 5 sets)

COOL DOWN - 1k Row or 40 Calorie Bike

181114 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


{See Dalai Lama Quote below}
Own today. It is your’s. Yesterday and tomorrow are out of your hands. There’s no holding on to them or what they contained. All you can control is today. All you can do is today. Forget the pains of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow and work for the positives of the present. You’ll find yourself living more in the now and enjoying the moment you live in. :)


Question of the Day
What is your hidden talent?

Warm Up
20 Calories of Cardio
PVC Pass Thrus
PVC Gandalfs
PVC Shoulder Lifts
PVC Hollow Scissor Kicks

Starrett Shoulder Prep
- Push Ups
- Shoulder Rolls
- Seal Walk

Dead Hang - Tight Grip
Laying Toes to Bar
Strict Toes to Bar
”Kipping Instruction” with PVC Target

Strict DB Press
DB Push Press
(Decide whether you want to DB or BB)

3 rounds
20 Toes to bars
20 Push Press DB 35/25 BB 95/65

COOL DOWN - Accumulate 40 Crunching Bird Dogs
Make them slow and steady. Use it as time to stretch, meditate, keep your core tight, and breathing slow.

181113 - Tips Tuesday - The Double Under Jump


Quick tip about Double Unders - - - (a.k.a. jumping rope where with every one jump you do, the rope passes under you two times.)

It doesn’t take long for the rope to get underneath you twice but if you only give it a teeny tiny bit of clearance than it will still never make it! The reason we tell athletes to jump with their toes up is because it creates so much more space under your foot and give the rope a little more room to make it under you two times before you land. This is probably different than you are use to jumping but it will help a ton in your journey through the land of double under!
(See photo below)

Double Under Jump.jpg

WARM UP - w/ a partner

Partner #1 - Quick Steps Over Hurdles
Partner #2 - 10 Box Step Ups

Partner #1 - Lateral Hops Over Hurdle
Partner #2 - 10 DB Box Step Ups

Partner #1 - Forward and Back Hops Over Hurdle
Partner #2 - 10 DB Thrusters

Finally … 20 Partner Wallballs

MOBILIZE - Barbell Roll Quads and Calves

COACH PREP - Workout Review
Equipment Management

30 box jumps (may be box jump-overs)
30 wall balls
@ Minute 5, 10 do 30 Double-unders or 60 singles

COOL DOWN - Skill Progressions!

181112 - Motivation Monday - “healthy substitutions”


There’s tons of info graphics out there (see below) that will tell you how to make “healthy substitutions” for your Thanksgiving Day cooking. It’s a great thought but instead, why not just enjoy the deliciousness that holiday brings and be satisfied with that then move on with your life! If you’re eating healthy the majority of the time, then one big holiday feast isn’t going to throw a wrench into all of your hard work. Don’t switch up Great Grandma Gertrude’s famous green bean casserole for a less flavorful “healthier alternative”…what would she think!? Be with family, enjoy tasty food, and don’t stress about switching out that sweet pumpkin pie for “unsweetened pumpkin flavored mashed cauliflower” …gross…


Q of the Day:
Team Inchworm
Down and Back medball twisting lunges
Down and Back power skips
Down and Back Duck Walk
Down and Back donkey kicks
Down and Back hockey strides (small bands at the knees)
Down and Back banded side shuffle (small bands at the knees)

Banded front rack
Small Band Overhead Foam Roll
Med ball prayer stretch

Coach Prep
Front rack position
Wall Squat
Front Squat Warm-Up (EB)

Front Squat Medley (Pair with someone(s) doing the same weights)
Max unbroken front squats with the following weights:
Score is reps per set
Rest as needed between sets
Unbroken front squats means no re-racking the bar

181110 - No Open Gym, Only Veteran's Day Murph! 8:30 and 10:00 AM


1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile run
Partition the pull-ups, push-ups and squats as needed. Wear a weight vest if you have one 20/14
1st timer: partition work 33x 3, 6, 9 +1, 20x 5, 10, 15
Subsequent Murphs: Try Games partitioned, 5 x 20, 30, 40, try unpartitioned, then small partitioned with a vest, then Games partitioned, 5 x 20, 30, 40, try unpartitioned with a vest.

After the 10:00am class, it is tradition for us to meet at the Rio Grande for a marg to celebrate Veteran’s Day and a job well done!

181108 - Throwback Thursday


As a member of our community, you're surrounded by others with similar challenges and goals related to strength and conditioning, skills and drills. It's normal for you to mention squats, cleans and pull-ups in casual conversation. This is because you've chosen to do the hard things; functional and foundational movements at high intensity. 

You also talk about recovery. Most of your other friends don't need to recover after their day. They sit on their butts and maybe get a 30 minute slow jog or 10 minutes of P90x every other couple of days. You guys are programming your recovery days around work and the goals you want to accomplish. 

What you don't talk about is maintenance. I rarely overhear you mentioning how much better you feel after lacrosse ball hell, unless I force you to do it. (edit) One of the big unintended benefits of Barbell Club Sundays is that people have the time to mobilize for a half-hour. Ask our regular club attendees; it's easily the best part of that block of training!

Since you move more than the average person, you also have to maintain your machine just like getting a tune-up on your car. In your case, mobility, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, Rolfing, ART, etc. 

Don't wait until something goes wrong. Maintenance is something that should be part of your daily practice. A good place to start is here: http://www.mobilitywod.com/preview/

You train here because you care about your health and fitness. Take care of the machinery that allows you to increase and maintain it. 

Pizza Delivery Game
2 minutes row/bike/ski easy peasy pace
10 back extensions, feeling for tension in the back
10 inchworms, straighten out the legs for some hamstring prep
10 EB good mornings focusing on hamstring prep
10 Reverse planks
10 Box dips

Banded hamstring work
Bar stabilized internal rotation

Deadlift position
Dip prep

For time see 180108
30 cal buy-in
Deadlift 185/135
30 cal buy-out

181107 - Quote of the Week


3 rounds
5 Wall squats
5 Air squats
5 Plate hops (increase height each round)

Burgener Warm-up (Power version) Coach-led
5 each with PVC
2 each with EB

Overhead position
Overhead squat position

Power Snatch work
Box jump work

12 Power Snatches 45#/35#,
12 Box Jumps 24”/20”
12 Power Snatches 75#/55#
12 Box Jumps 24”/20”
12 Power Snatches 95#/65#
12 Box Jumps 24”/20”
12 Power Snatches 115#/75#
12 Box Jumps 24”/20”
AMRAP Power Snatches 135#/95#
If you fail or cannot complete a snatch at the appropriate load, continue the pattern with the previous weight until time is up.

181106 - Tips Tuesday - KB Swing Faults

 nope nope nope nope…this is not okay….

nope nope nope nope…this is not okay….

3 Common KB Swing Faults…

  1. Bad set up: squat rather than a hip hinge
    This typically comes from athletes wanting to bend too much at the knee and/or trying to use their legs to send the kettlebell straight up instead of hinging at the hips to project it forward.

  2. Yanking on the kettlebell
    If there’s a large bend in the wrist, it probably means that the athlete is vigorously pulling on the handle to get it up faster. This is also referred to as a “Kettlebell Snatch Swing” and does not allow for the athlete to use maximum explosive hips!

  3. Caving forward on the downswing
    Keeping the chest high and shoulders back will encourage the body to stay tight throughout the swing and engage more posterior chain instead of only low back to swing the kettlebell back up. If the athlete’s back is rounded, this is a definite sign of letting the KB be your boss!

4 mins :30 on :30 off frog hops hands stay above head during rest
2 rounds
D&B bear crawl
3 per side Track leg swings
10 Banded glute bridges
10 Plate ground to overheads 45/25

Lunging drinking birds
Frog stretch

Rowing technique: tempo, rebound, hip drive, hand position

With a Partner
Work at the same time then switch
P1: 250m row
P2: 50 Russian KB swings 55/35 (RX+ 70/55)
Score is total number of rounds completed by your team in 20:

181105 - Motivation Monday - What do burpees teach us?


It requires almost no space, it doesn’t use any equipment, it activates all the muscles, and it can get your heart rate up within a few reps….it is:
1) Start from a standing position.
2) Crouch down and jump both feet back.
3) Take you body all the way to the floor.
4) Push back up and jump both feet forward.
5) Stand up then jump and clap overhead.

You either love them or you absolutely freakin’ hate them!
BUT burpees are a perfect lesson for life.

1) Sometimes, you need to do things you don’t want to because it’s good for you!
2) When you get knocked down, you just gotta get back up!
3) You only have to do one at a time and keep on moving!
4) They teach you to get out of your comfort zone and do hard things!
5) Each clap overhead should be a proud moment where you are giving yourself a round o’ applause!


Warm Up
4 rounds
5 Squats
5 Lunges
5 Squat hops
5 Jump lunges

Banded march
Banded good morning
Banded hip floss
Banded front rack stretch

Coach Prep
Elbow Drill
Drop Drill
Drop and Elbow Drill
Clean Pulls
Reverse Cleans

For time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Clean 135/95 (Power preferred)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Lateral Burpee (arctic fox!)
starts with 10 cleans and 1 burpee works to 1 clean and 10 burpees…

181104 - Barbell Club

3-5 mins cardio warm-up, athlete’s choice
1-2 mins each of:
Couch stretch
Pigeon stretch
Frog stretch
Samson stretch
PVC pass thru
Keg drill
Clean Prep
Elbow drill
Drop Drill
Drop and Elbow drill
Clean pulls
Reverse Hang Clean
5-5-5-5-5 High hang power clean
1+1, 1+1, 1+1, 2+2 - 2+2 - 2+2 Power clean and jerk (Barbell cycling)
2-2-2-2-2 Split jerk work (on blocks or from floor)
5, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1 Heavy clean and jerk

181102 - FYF - Chipper!


WARM UP - Run down and back 6 lengths
Plate Trunk Twists
Plate Lumberjacks
Plate Press
Plate Tricep Extension
Plate Overhead Back Stepping Lunges
Plate Row
Plate Burpees

Wallballs : Practice Squats and Tosses
Burpee Box Jump Overs : Box Jump practice
Toes to Bar : Knee Raises/Strict T2B/Kip Swing
DB Snatches : Lawnmower pulls
Chest to Bar : Elbows Back

WOD - For Time (Time cap 30 min.)
50 Wallballs 20# to 10ft./14# to 9 ft.
40 Burpee Box Jumps 24”/20”
30 Toes to Bar
20 DB Snatches 45/35
10 Chest to Bar
20 DB Snatches 45/35
30 Toes to Bar
40 Burpee Box Jumps 24”/20”
50 Wallballs 20# to 10ft./14# to 9 ft.

COOL DOWN - 400m Jog out and walk back

181101 - Soapbox Thursday


We are doing a new version of an old move today! Close grip bench press!

Here are some points made in the video below of MISTAKES people make during a close grip bench press! We will also go over all of the points of performance during class!

#1 - Too close of grip. Elbows need to be directly under your wrists! This will also decrease range of motion, amount you can lift, and mobility to lift! Go for shoulder width apart!

#2 - Lower the bar too high up your chest! This will cause your elbows to flare out and take too much pressure of the weight. Lower down to right below your nipple line.

#3 - Not retracting your scapula. Think about putting your shoulder blades into your back pocket and a small arch in your lower back with glutes pushing into the bench and feet pushing into the floor.

#4 - Tucking the elbows in too close. 30 degree angle is ideal instead of right next to the body.

#5 - Focusing on pushing the bar away from your body. Push yourself away from the bar instead of focusing on push the barbell away from you.

WARM UP - 2 minute cardio
Banded Pull Downs
Banded Pass Thrus
Banded Face Pulls
10 Diamond Push Ups

Behind the back open chest stretch
Tricep Barbell Roll

Close Grip Bench Press
Find 1RM
Suggested rep scheme to work up to the weight is:
10EB, 5, 3, 3, 2, 1
(Work with a partner to help build the weights and spot you!)

Partner (Normal Grip) Bench Press
EMOM 14:
:30 Max Bench Press 135/85
:30 Rest

181031 - In-House Hero WOD "Lunchbox"


We do Hero WODs to remember people of bravery and respect the memories of the fallen. They are a tribute to the sacrifice of those that fought for our safety and our freedom. Coach Michael personally served with Major Douglas Sloan a.k.a. "Lunchbox" and wears a memorial band to remind him of the man that gave his life for his country. 


WOD - "Lunchbox"
AMRAP 20: 
400m Run
12 Handstand Push-ups
21 Kettlebell Swings 55/35

181030 - Tips Tuesday - Less Painful Hook Grip


Today with the “bear complex” and with anything that you pull from the ground or a barbell that you can’t let go of, we recommend you utilize the hook grip. This basically means that you place your thumb down first then wrap you other fingers on top to lock it in. Many athletes complain about how painful this is, so here’s a couple of tips to help make it a little better:

1) Try not to put the pad of your finger right on top of your thumb fingernail, this can make it feel like you’re ripping out your nail…ouch! Instead grip deeper or more shallow to avoid being directly on it!

2) Use it even the light or EB warm up sets! Then your thumb will have more time to get use to it and adjust before it gets heavy.

3) Tape your thumbs! If it hurts when you deadlift, you can always wrap your thumb with tape to protect it a bit. Just ask a coach how to do it!

4) Suck it up buttercup! It hurts for everyone but it gets better over time! :)

WARM UP - Pick a cardio device
5 calories before each movement
Squat/Wall Squat/Weighted Squat
PVC pass thru/Gandalf/Weighted Press
Back Extension/Scorpion/Weighted Good Morning

MOBILIZE - Shoulder Stability
Grip Activation
Free Mobilize

COACH PREP - Go over Bear Movements

WOD - Three Rounds for Time
Bear Complex (95/65/EB) (75/55/EB)
20 Calories
40 Sit Ups

181029 - Motivation Monday - "Rule of 3"


Are you ready for a good week? How do you know? Did you plan it out?
I am a list girl, I love making long to do lists and chipping away at them…must be why I love chipper WODs ;) Anyway, but that’s not necessarily the best way. The human brain has trouble focusing while there is so much on your plate. 3 is a really good number for the mind to hold on to. 4 is too many and 2 just doesn’t seem like enough. So what is the “Rule of 3”

Check out the chart below! You’ve got three main focus points. On Monday (TODAY!) you create a three part vision for your week. What are the three main things that need to be accomplished or gained from your week? Then each day you have three “to-do” action items that must be completed for the vision to become real. At the end of the week, on Friday you make two different lists. 3 things that went well and 3 things you’d like to see improve!

It’s important to have a map if you want to make it to your intended destination. This is your GPS to your goals!


WARM UP - 2 Minutes of Cardio
Single Leg Deadlift Drinking Bird to Lunge (Spiderman)
Dead Bug
Can Can
Jump Squats

Roll out Ankles and Feet
Banded Ankle Stretch

SKILL - Pistols! pew pew
3 Rounds Not for Time
4 Candlesticks
4 Box Heal Taps
4 Foot Lock Pistols
4 Weighted or Ring Assist Pistols

COACH PREP - Double Under Practice
Decide Pistol Scaling Option!

2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 … Continue and add 2
Pistols (Total and Not Alternating )
20 Double Unders (After each pistol set)

Cool Down - 200m Jog
Roll out Feet

181026 - FYF

Bring your friends for some festive fun tomorrow! We are hosting a Halloween themed community workout and it’s going to be a blast! At 7pm tomorrow, we are having a costume party at Coach Michael’s house (see athlete’s page for address)! Sign up sheet for food and drinks is taped to the lockers!

HalloWOD 2.jpg

800m Run
21 - 15 - 9
Clusters 95/65
Burpee Pull Ups
800m Run

More Murph Prep! This one is a little in disguise…not as obvious as Angie was! So here’s an explanation of how it will help you in our Veteran’s Day workout:
1) Grit! This looks like a tough one but you just have to take it one step at a time and grind through it!
2) In total, you will run one mile in this workout which is half of the running distance of murph BUT it is sandwiching a fair amount of work so it’s important to learn how to pace out the first and push through the second!
3) The clusters are weighted squats! You’ll be doing lots of squats…the more practice the better!
4) Burpee Pull Ups are a push up mixed with a pull up, so we get more experience with both movements at once!