Our Workout of the Day is CrossFit. We've been a CrossFit Affiliate since 2008, longer than any other gym in Fort Collins.
We focus on teaching mechanics, then developing consistency in movement and weight, then we push intensity, all while having fun!

We believe that we can best physically prepare people for the world we live in through
constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity. 

We care less about your numbers in the gym and more about what you can do with that fitness outside.

Why choose us?
We've got the most experience and best community around!



There is no such thing as being too strong. Strength staves off injury, illness and bears*.
Our program is strength-biased and we perform barbell powerlifting, bodybuilding and weightlifting movements on a regular basis.
*we do not endorse taking on a bear.
We use Starting Strength and 5/3/1 for our strength focus phases.  


Mobility and Flexibility

We subscribe to the notion that recovery is 50% of fitness. If you work for an hour, then your recovery should be 30 minutes or more. Mobility is just a more precise way of looking at flexibility and range of motion. Splits are cool, but if you can't generate power, then what’s the use? We're  followers of Dr. Kelly Starrett, DPT (MobilityWOD) and integrate his teachings. 


Maximum force generation in the minimum amount of time. Think sprinters, Olympic weightlifting, max vertical leap and distance throws. We develop power by having you master the basics of lifts and throws, then do it faster with more weight. We use dynamic, weighted and unweighted full-body movements. We use barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.



We run a Barbell Club on Sundays that allows us to focus on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. These lifts often show up in our workouts. We set up Barbell Club for the folks that want spend dedicated time to further focus and improve on these complex and fun lifts. We use Catalyst Athletics templates, and Chinese Weightlifting, and USAW training protocols.

Stamina and Endurance

Not many people have the luxury or desire to go for an hour run. We develop both stamina and endurance by asking you to give close to 100% on your timed efforts. That way when you finally have to go long, you've got a deep well of energy and oxygen efficiency. We teach Aerobic and Anaerobic Endurance and P.O.S.E. methods.



Accuracy, Agility, Balance and Coordination are all developed through practice. Repeating movement patterns over and over create change not only in your physique, but in your brain. Challenging yourself in these areas can help stave off issues later in life.
Warm-up games and repeated compound movements achieve prime your brain for action.



$130 (for 10)

Do you have the luxury of playing in the mountains a lot? Travel for business or pleasure? Cramming 30lbs of stuff into a 2olb bag? Then the punchcard is for you! (valid for 6 months from purchase date)



Unlimited and full access to all coached workouts, Open Gym times, Barbell Club, in-house seminars, challenges* and social events. For each paying adult, you get one free CrossFit Kids membership!


$330 (18% off!)

Unlimited and full access to all coached workouts, Open Gym times, Barbell Club, in-house seminars, challenges* and social events. For each paying adult, you get one free CrossFit Kids membership!



Do you have an event, race, or test that you have to prepare for? If it's in our wheelhouse and you give us 6 weeks, we can get you ready for it.
Contact us to schedule your consultation
Program only - $135.00
Program with gym access - $315.00


Group training is CrossFit's bread and butter. We like integrating folks into group classes to form bonds and keep your motivation and accountability high. BUT if you're not ready to jump in, we offer one-on-one private training sessions with each of our coaches too.
Contact us for availability and costs. Coach Lauren is available for scheduling.


Having a hard time navigating the world of nutrition? Want to change your habits to start a lifetime of a positive relationship with food? Having trouble getting your sh*t together when it comes to eating for performance?
Contact us to schedule your consultation
One-time Consult - $75.00

  • Before participating in Barbell Club, we require 3 months training in our CrossFit program or USAW L1 or equivalent.

  • Are you active duty military, law enforcement, fire or emergency medicine? You may qualify to receive discounted rates - contact us!

  • Student Rates available with current CSU, FRCC or Aims student ID - contact us!

  • If you are injured or pregnant we will program around your abilities. In most cases, there is no reason not to train.

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