Where are you located?

We are located in the Poudre River Center approx. 2 blocks east of Fort Fun. Click for Google Maps!.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form below, select "I'd love to take an Intro" and tell us a little about yourself! We'll get back to you ASAP!

What are your prices?

We don't post prices on the website because we want to talk to you face to face about what it means to train here. No one is able to show you the value of their instruction and coaching through a website. Were more than happy to talk about pricing during your intro session. We offer 10% discounts to Active Duty MIL/LE/FIRE as well as current full-time students and same household members.


Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, we strongly recommend against it. We will start you at the appropriate level and intensity to get you to the fastest and most complete results. We've spent a lot of time with talented athletes un-doing bad habits. Teaching yourself how to workout via You Tube isn't the same as hiring a coach that can give constructive feedback and proper instruction on form and mechanics.

What makes you different from all the other CrossFit gyms in town?

We've been around the longest. We've seen gyms become CrossFits and stop being CrossFits, then re-affiliate. We've seen a number of places open, then close down. And now, even more CrossFits are coming out of the woodwork.

Since 2008 we've been owned, head coached and run by one person, Coach Michael. In that time we've had coaches and athletes come and go. Some have even started their own gyms based on the instruction and coaching they received here. We have a long-established program with proven success, as well as integrated multi-disciplinary nutrition program.

You will have a coach that knows your name, knows your lifts, knows your preexisting injuries and show you how to proactively prevent new ones in the future. We provide exceptional, professional training and value. Nowhere else can you get the attention and level of instruction we offer. We know what we don't know and when to refer you to the appropriate professional.

Our community is tops with fantastic in and out of the gym events (Stand-up paddling, movie nights, internal competitions, Cosmic CrossFit (workout in black lights), Post-WOD chill out Fridays, Team Workout Sundays, Fun Day Run Day Sundays, BBQs, Beer and Burpees and much more!) We try to not take ourselves too seriously, but when we need to ramp it up, we can. All in all, we're a community and culture that's second to none!


No, dieting is not an option for high-performing athletes. Regardless if you want to lean out, lose fat, gains muscle or gain lean strength, our basic nutrition recommendation is: Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. We have athletes track their food so we can ensure that they're getting enough. If an athlete has a special need IE anti-inflammatory, vegetarian, gluten-free, we can adapt to that readily

I'm a former high school or collegiate or club athlete, can I be exempted from the Intro?

Nope. However if you've done CrossFit at an affiliate or with a CFL1 instructor for 4 or more months and they contact us and say you're good to go, we'll just give you an evaluation before starting.

How many athletes do you have per class?

We limit class size to 12 allowing for quality small group instruction and enough equipment and space to go around.

I want to go to the CrossFit Games, can you help me?

That's a pretty in-depth question. Yes and no. Plenty of gyms will blow smoke up your butt and tell you how they can get you there with their special blend of whatever. We won't do that. Talent and hard work go a long way, but they aren't the only things get you to the Games. If you're really serious about that as a goal, then being a full-time athlete is step 1. We'd love to talk to you about that in person, so set up an Intro with us!



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